Five Flawless Floor Plans For Families with Small Kids


When it’s time to consider a new home for you and your family, one of the most important factors is the floor plan and how child-friendly it will be. Keeping your small kids safe and happy at home is extremely important because your future home is where they will spend the most time growing and maturing. 
The following five flawless floor plans are perfect for small kids of any background and who enjoy a wide variety of activities.

The Open Kitchen and Living Room Floor Plan
Your home builder will likely insist on creating a floor plan that features a kitchen with an island and breakfast bar that’s located in the same room as the living room. In many modern homes, this type of floor plan is common and is located on back portion of the house with access to the backyard. 
You and your small kids will love this type of floor plan. You’ll be able to monitor what they’re watching on television when you’re cooking, while they’ll have easy access to the kitchen when they get hungry. It’s great for bringing both your worlds together.

Separate Bedrooms and Bathrooms
Privacy and space are important for small kids, and your luxury home should feature one bedroom and one bathroom connected to each bedroom for their convenience. While it seems like this is a significant investment, your children will be happy with the privacy and neither one will have to wait to use the bathroom. 
Separate bathrooms and bedrooms also allows your children to have more space for storing toiletries, bath toys and more. Make sure they are mature enough to help clean and maintain it as well.

Floor Plan With Connected Playroom
If you have enough space, a children’s playroom is the perfect solution to future clutter problems. As children become older, they’ll likely want to purchase a variety of toys. Having these toys stored in their rooms will not only cause clutter, but could be potential safety hazard if any of them are left in the middle of the floor and one of the children gets up and trips during the night. If you have a playroom built that connects both of their rooms, you can have most or all of the toys stored in one area. 

The Washer, Dryer and Cleaning Supplies
Have a company like Princeton Classic Homes create a special room solely for the washer, dryer, and storage of all household cleaning chemicals. In many cases, this can be as simple as turning a closet into a washing and drying station. 
Most homeowners put cleaning chemicals under the sink, a move which creates a lot of risk for any small children in the household. When it comes to harmful chemicals, always stay safe and put them in a separate room, above where the children can reach and lock them up. 

Small Kid’s Eating Area in the Kitchen
In many cases, when guests are visiting for dinner, there might not be enough room for additional people at the table. The best way to solve this dilemma is to create a separate eating area for the children. 
A children’s eating area should not be separate from the dining room or kitchen. Parents should always be able to keep an eye on the children, and a small children’s eating area is the best solution. 

Finding the perfect floor plan that satisfies everyone can be a difficult task. While not all of these options will work for every person who aspires to have a luxury home for their family, the ideas can be used as inspiration for similar projects. Above all else, parents must consider their children’s safety and future in the home before moving ahead with any type of building.