We were so excited to visit Story Land in Glen, NH on opening day this year! I grew up looking forward to our annual Story Land trip each summer, and I have brought my kids along on their own Story Land adventures for years. This year things were just a little different – it was my granddaughter’s very first Story Land trip and there’s a very special employee there that stole my heart more than 14 years ago – my daughter!! She’s so proud to be working her first ever job and I couldn’t be more proud, or thrilled that she’s spending her summer working at a great company!! baby at story land

We ranged in age from 2.5 months up to 51. Each and every single one of us had a great time! The baby enjoyed meeting Mother Goose and sleeping in Baby Bear’s bed. I was especially taken with the Mom and Baby areas located adjacent to most restrooms – perfect for feeding and changing and just getting out of the sun for a bit and enjoying a moment of quiet time. Oh, and YES!!! the rumors are true – there is now a Dunkin Donuts at Story Land!! Hello, Iced Coffee! 

I spent a lot of the day with the baby while all the kids rode their rides and just strolled around taking photos, peeking at my daughter hard at work without her knowing, and just taking it all in. I also wrote this on Facebook at the end of the day –

It’s funny to visit Story Land without young children to chase – lots of time for quiet observation. Parents of said young children at 10am are excited to create new memories, relive their childhoods through their children, eager to please, oh I remember my train whistle from here! … Parents of said young children at 3pm are exhausted, quick tempered, scolding, pleading with their kids to slow down, stop running, stop climbing, no you can’t have another cotton candy, I think they sold out of light up princess wands, I hate those train whistles!

And, while you do get in a fun-filled day, parents and children alike are tired at the end of the day – you definitely get more than your money’s worth! Plan on a full day of exciting activities and never once hearing, “I’m bored!” There are lots of great options for dining at Story Land, or pack a picnic and enjoy lunch in their great picnic area! 

The 9 year old was addicted to the Bamboo Shutes – even though it was a 60 degree day – over and over and over he went!! The teenagers, well, once they met Rory I only saw them when they were ready for lunch, and then they were back and on the coaster again …

We all really had such a great time and of course, will be back a few times this season and again and again every year as the kids and grandkids continue to grow! 

Here are a few highlights from our fantastic time at Story Land



What’s New at Story Land?

While my old favorites are still there – like Heidi’s Grandfather’s House, the good old milking cow and a few of my favorite rides, there are a few new offerings at Story Land that I wanted to tell you about – RoarOSaurus

ROAR-O-SAURUS The newest coaster, designed and built for Story Land’s unique natural setting, is the only wooden roller coaster of its kind in northern New England. The colorful train of 12 passengers is led by the newest family member, “Rory” the little Dino with the big roar! The coaster has a lift height of 40 feet (providing a spectacular view of the surrounding area), sends riders soaring down a first drop of 38.5 feet, features 1,242 feet of track length, and provides riders 12 unique airtime moments.

TEA TIME Spend time with a real Princess and get the “Royal Treatment” during Cinderella’s very own Tea Party and Story Time. Put on your glass slippers & join us for a tea time. $9.99+tax per Tea Party participant. 

CHARACTER DINNERS See your favorite Storybook characters come to life at our Roar-O-Licious Character Dinners! Join Cinderella, Duke the Dragon, Humpty Dumpy, & Rory for a buffet dinner and dancing. Adult – $19.99+tax Child – $9.99+tax (12 and under).

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Click HERE to purchase your tickets now through July 15, 2014. Tickets include admission into Story Land, and are good for any day during the regular 2015 operating season. 

About Story Land

Story Land is Where Fantasy Lives and children and their imaginations can run free. This world of fantasy is punctuated by the kaleidoscope of flowers and emerald fields of New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountains. Timeless characters like Humpty Dumpty, the Old Woman in the Shoe, the Three Little Pigs, and Peter Rabbit came to life here in 1954. Today, over 50 years later, the park continues to be the place where a lifetime of memories can be made in a single, unforgettable day.