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The kitchen is one of the most important places in the home, especially if you love to cook and entertain. However, when planning and decorating kitchens, people tend to play it safe. How often have you been to a neighbor or friend’s house and seen the same plain white kitchen units, or perhaps the same simple granite work top? Neutrals and safe colors can of course look stylish and minimalist, but that isn’t always what you want in a room that should be busy and at the heart of your home!

There is no reason to be afraid when it comes to adding colors, even bold, bright ones, to your kitchen. In fact, in doing this, you are far more likely to end up with an environment you love, rather than just a generic working space.

Why Blue And Green Are Great Colours to Use

If you do want to create a colorful kitchen, but are not sure where to begin in terms of the palette itself, then why not take inspiration from this year’s hottest color schemes? Pantone, who each year produce palettes that match the moods and trends of the time, created a palette for spring and summer 2015 called ‘En Plein Air’, which features lots of fresh, airy sky blues and crisp greens. This can be a good starting point for a kitchen color scheme, because while the old adage says that ‘blue and green should never be seen’, this really isn’t the case – with the right hues they look great together.

Why These Shades Work So Well in the Kitchen

Blue and green are the colours we associate with nature and freshness. They work well in a kitchen where you want to create a sense that everything is natural, fresh and good for you, and of course you can include natural accessories that match this colour scheme like fresh herbs growing on your windowsill. This is also a relaxing color scheme, which can allow you to feel serene and calm even when preparing a complicated, big meal!

Incorporating Blue and Green into Your Kitchen’s Design

If you go for a custom, bespoke kitchen, for example from a company like miketaylorbespokekitchens.co.uk, you can work with them to design a fitted kitchen that uses your chosen palette. If you don’t want to take this option, you can use ready made units in neutral colors and use paint to create the palette you want, or you can even paint or varnish wooden cupboards and surfaces to the colors you have in mind. This means that even if you can’t find ready made pieces for your kitchen in the shades of blue and green you want to use, you can still make this beautiful kitchen color scheme your own.

Adding calm, fashionable blue and green to your kitchen will create a fresh, natural yet modern look that can make your kitchen a wonderful place to work, cook and eat!

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