modern bedroom

Whether you have just moved to a new property, or just want to makeover your current home, it’s wise to look at some current trends before you start planning your redesign.  Whilst you don’t have to follow the trends exactly, they can help provide you with inspiration, and help you to design a room that is both beautiful and functional.  Keep reading for a list of ideas that will help you design a gorgeous, modern bedroom that you will look forward to sleeping in.

1. Consider the Full Space

It’s no good buying a few items of furniture and thinking that everything will go well together – it likely won’t, and you’ll be disappointed with the end result.  Instead, look at the full space that you have to work with.  You need to choose a colour scheme based on the size of your room, and the amount of light entering into it.  Once you have decided what colour to paint or paper your walls, and decided on a type of flooring, then you can think about extras.  Your furniture, bedding, and decorations should be decided after the main space has been decorated.

2. Make Use of the En-Suite

If you have a bedroom with an attached en-suite bathroom, you can create the look and feel of a self contained apartment.  To do this, you’ll need to make sure that your bedroom décor and your bathroom design blend in seamlessly with one another.  Think about a swish hotel suite and consider implementing a similar style.  Slim line storage cupboards in the bathroom and bedroom can help you organise everything, and by keeping all of your accessories and colours neutral, you will have a design that looks just as great during the day as it does at night.

3. Take Your Time When Buying Accessories

To prevent your bedroom from looking too ‘normal’, you can use a range of accessories to brighten it up.  Pictures in decorative frames can be hung on the walls, you could decorate your bed frame, and you can also add style with some bright bedside lamps.  You also want to consider your bedding. 100% cotton duvet covers are available in a range of colours and styles, and all can really work to transform your bedroom space.

4. Add a Feature Wall

Feature walls aren’t just for living rooms and dining rooms, they can work just as well in bedrooms as well.  Whether you opt for a cool paint colour or a unique wallpaper, having one wall that is different to the other three will help make your bedroom look edgy and modern.  Mirrors hung in multiples can also work really well on a feature wall, as can a selection of artwork.

Whether you have a huge master bedroom with an en-suite, or a small bedroom that is just in need of redecorating, keep the above tips in mind.  Consider the latest trends, but don’t lose sight of your own style.  The finished bedroom is sure to be a room you are happy with.