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© Jim Poteet
© Jim Poteet

We all love our kids, but the fact is that sometimes you would be happy for them to have their own space; and give you a little space of your own too. Obviously, you can’t simply ship your kids off to the neighbors at every whim, but it is possible to give them an all-weather area to play in by having a playroom in your garden. There are pros and cons of the different ways to supply a playroom, and here we will look some of the alternatives available.

Wood Cabins

If you want a great looking play area for your kids, you can do no better than a wood cabin. The building will add value to your home, will be great to look at, and completely functional. These cabins are available to purchase off the shelf, or you can have input into its design, but all at a cost. This is not the cheapest option, but you can alleviate some of the cost quite easily if you are handy with some tools. Ready prepared kits are available to buy that you construct yourself, or you could try one of the free cabin design plans on the internet that you can build from scratch. These cabins will have doors, windows, and will be sturdy enough to last for years, as long as you are prepared to catty out the maintenance they demand.


Steel Framed

If you are looking for something that will stand up to all weather conditions and will last a lifetime, then a steel framed playhouse could be the answer. These are actually quite easy to construct, and if you have a design already in mind, you can have the frame manufactured and delivered by a steel manufacturing business like Cannonsteelsltd.co.uk, leaving you or a professional to fix panelling etc. You can build a steel framed playhouse to look like a wood cabin, giving you aesthetics combined with greater strength and durability, or you could try glass panels for a brighter room. Your panelling really is up to you, as it only takes a change in fixings for you to fit whatever you want.

Static Caravan

Many people consider these an eyesore in a garden, but, if it is properly looked after, it can look as nice as a cabin; and you will get more space for your money. A caravan will have the ventilation you require as well as already having seating and furniture installed, and very importantly, it will come with a way to fix to your electricity supply. These caravans can be bought second hand for very reasonable prices, and take very little work to refurbish. You may find yourself stripping out a few features to give the kids more floor space, but once again, this is an easy job.


Perhaps not the greatest choice, but containers are frequently used as extra rooms, and are especially useful if you only need them for a short while as they can be hired monthly. A standard container will have no frills, so ventilation and insulation will need to be addressed, and you will need to sort out lighting, so an electricity supply will have to be organized. Even though there are some obstacles to using a container, they have been used for many different types of buildings (click here for some great looking examples), and that includes some beautiful play rooms.

Not everybody can give up space in their home, or afford to build and extension to give their kids a playroom; even though they may want to. Perhaps though, one of these alternatives will enable you to give your children a place to call their own, and you some relaxation time in peace and quiet.