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As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place where the whole family gathers to spend time together, whether it’s to prepare food, socialise or relax after a long day. However, as one of the busiest rooms in the household, it can also be a hotspot for potential accidents, especially when curious children are around. This simple guide offers some useful suggestions on how to create a safe, functional space that all members of the family can enjoy.


When it comes to worktops, it’s important to choose materials that will be able to endure the inevitable wear and tear that comes with family life. As a general rule of thumb, matt surfaces work better than high gloss versions as they conceal the buildup of grime, grease and sticky fingerprints more effectively. Corian and silestone are among the most popular materials, as they are stain resistant, easy to clean and have softer surfaces than stone or glass. Solid wood, particularly durable hardwoods such as oak, are also a long-standing favorite choice for hard-working kitchens. Expert manufacturers Worktop Express claim that the smooth finish and hard wearing properties of prime oak make it ideal for even the most hectic of households.


To create a safe environment for your kids, the layout of your kitchen will also need some careful thought. As a place where family members frequently cross paths, it’s important to try to plan the flow of traffic to reduce the risk of collisions. Multi-functional kitchen diners are becoming more and more popular, as they offer a spacious gathering spot where parents and kids can socialise and prepare food in the same area. To create a kid-friendly zone that’s a safe distance from the food preparation area, try adding a kitchen island or separate seated work surface where your youngsters can do their homework, snack, or chat to you about their day while you cook.


While it may be difficult to maintain order in such a hectic space, having plenty of storage can help keep to the clutter at bay and bring added safety to the kitchen. Open storage units can be particularly useful, as they allow you to quickly find what you need. Kids love to be involved in cooking activities, so it may also be worth dedicating a bottom drawer for their stuff so they can reach cups and bowls without having to climb on counter-tops.


When choosing appliances for your kitchen, induction hobs are by far the safest, most child-friendly option. By heating the pan itself rather than the hob, the risk of burns and scalds is greatly reduced. It’s also a good idea to make sure that potentially dangerous appliances such as ovens and microwaves are positioned at a safe and convenient height that’s out of reach of little hands.

With simple tips like these, you shouldn’t struggle to create a kitchen that the whole family will love for years to come.