In it to Win Better Ways to Spice Up Your Family Vacations This Year

When you are considering your next family vacation, do you find yourself wanting to do something a little difference to add some variety to your trip? It should not be difficult to spice things up for the annual getaway and make it something fun for the whole family. Here are a few ways to make your vacation fun for everyone.
Go Outside
Camping can be a great alternative to a more traditional vacation. Not only is it a ton of fun, but it also can be much easier on the budget than staying in a resort or hotel. Whether you decide to rent a camper, or go all out with tents, camping can be a great family bonding experience and the opportunities for learning are endless. It’s really great for little kids who just want to explore and who you won’t have to bathe for a day or two. Get those hot dogs and s’mores ready to go!

Stay Close to Home
Having a Staycation is another way to add some variety to your standard family vacation. Chances are pretty good there might be a destination close to home you may not have visited before, or you haven’t been to in years. Why not take advantage of the lack of travel required and see the sights right in your own backyard?

Take a Family Cruise
Cruise lines really do cater to families on many of their itineraries, and some, like Disney Cruise Lines are specifically geared to family travel. Many cruises offer daily camp-style activities for kids while adults can go off and enjoy the amenities available to them aboard the ship. This is a great option if you want to see a new part of the world, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding rooms, transportation and dining. Food is often included in the cruise prices, and family-friendly entertainment is available nightly on some. Extra benefits are even included in some instances if you upgrade to a larger cabin or suite. Check with several cruises to see which one would fit your family best.

Try Your Luck at a Casino
Yes, you read that correctly. Casinos can be surprisingly family-friendly vacation destinations. Destinations like Las Vegas make sure to have something for everyone, including the youngest of your traveling companions. In addition to kid-friendly activities specifically created to keep them occupied, there are plenty of suitable attractions for families both within the hotels and resorts and in the surrounding area of most gambling towns. Just like in a Fort McDowell Casino, dining can be pretty affordable in casinos with coupon books or dining plans, and the offerings almost always get two thumbs up from the little ones. 

Whatever you choose to do this year, make the most of it and above all, have fun!