Light the Way - 5 Ideas for Letting More Natural Light Into Your Home
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These days, it seems as if people spend small fortunes on light bulbs and fixtures that are designed to reproduce the look and feel of natural light. Instead of spending all of that money to falsify the effects of the sun, why not find new ways to let more of that natural light indoors? If your home feels a little dark and dreary these days, you can try any of the tactics below to let in natural light and brighten up the place instantly:

Arrange Your Furniture Properly

Sometimes, your furniture can block out a significant portion of the light that would otherwise be coming through your windows. If this is the case, try rearranging your bedroom or living room so that natural light sources are not being obstructed by your sofa, chairs, or other large pieces of furniture. Larger pieces should be kept toward the center of the room or against a windowless wall, and knick-knacks should be placed on a shelf rather than along the windowsill where they can create shadows.

Install Window Sheers

Another way to allow more natural light into your home while still maintaining some privacy is to install window sheers either as your standalone window treatment, or behind your curtains and drapes. According to the professionals who specialize in Las Vegas, NV window coverings, using dark or thick window treatments will close any room in by blocking off the natural light. Window sheers come in a variety of colors and patterns, and the lighter you go, the better. They’ll still provide plenty of privacy when they are closed, and if you’re willing to install double curtain rods, you can place them behind your heavier drapes for aesthetic appeal. If you’re adamant about your privacy, consider sewing sheers at the top of your privacy panels. This way, natural light still comes in, but you still get the privacy you want.

Try Skylights

If you’re really in the mood to do something different, you can always consider skylights or other changes to your home’s structure. Though the installation of a skylight can be an expensive endeavor, bear in mind that they can help save you a lot of money on your lighting costs over time. A smaller skylight over the bathtub can provide a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, but a larger one in the family room offers up a beautiful aesthetic appeal. In small spaces like bathrooms, tubular skylights are always a cheaper option.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Though it can be difficult to keep your windows clean all year round, especially when it’s cold outside, doing so drastically increases the amount of natural sunlight that comes into your home. Dust and fingerprints (or even those smudges from small hands) can block a surprising amount of light, so it’s important to remove them frequently. If you want to minimize the number of streaks on your windows, be sure to clean them on a cloudy day rather than a bright, sunny one.

Use Mirrors in Your Décor

If you’ve already maximized your natural light using all of the above tips but you want to take things a bit further, there’s no better way to do it than with mirrors. You’ll need to be strategic when it comes to their placement, though, so be sure to place them close to the windows. This way, the natural light that comes in is reflected off the mirror, and instantly brightens up your room. Remember that the rising or setting sun could cause glares, too, so keep this in mind when you are hanging your mirrors.


There are plenty of ways to increase the amount of natural light in your home regardless of your budget. From installing skylights to spending an afternoon cleaning your windows, you can brighten up the atmosphere around your home and your mood, as well.



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