Saying So Long How to Help Kids Adjust to a Move Smoothly

Moving is a tough decision when children are involved. It can be extremely hard on a child to leave their friends, activities, and a community they’ve grown up with. Moving somewhere filled with new people, new landscapes, and a new school can be nerve wrecking and stressful. But there are several things parents can do to make moving a smoother transition for their children. 

Partner in Pre-Preparation
One of the best things a parent can do, if possible, is get their kids involved before moving. Take the kids on a road trip to their future home, let them check out the local area or school to join in some activities. This is a great outlet to make connections before the move even takes place. If parents cannot afford to drive that far, another great option is to research options with their kids. Try to find clubs, teams, or activities similar to the ones they are currently involved in around the new area. Have them find something to be excited about in the new place.

Offer Outlets for Old Connections
The worst thing a parent can say is that their children will make new friends. That may be true, but the hardest thing about moving for a child is feeling like they will never see their old friends again. Rather than trying to replace them, give the kids outlets to keep in touch with their friends after they are gone. Good options are purchasing a webcam, planning summer vacations, or having the kids make a scrapbook. It is important that parents get their kids involved in their new community while still letting them stay connected to their old one as well. 

Listen and Care
Kids can tell when their parents are trying to make it all better. Avoid phrases like “everything will work out” or “it will feel like home in no time”. Parents should listen to their kids and acknowledge their feelings. If a child knows they can talk to their parents, it will make the move a lot easier. Tears should be encouraged, and the kids should know that it is OK to be stressed or nervous. The best thing a parent can do is stand beside their child, rather than trying to tell them how it will all be OK. 

Grant Involvement Within the New Home
Rather than just asking the kids to pack and then unpack boxes, let them be actively involved in the new house. Movers in Honolulu HI at M Dyer & Sons Inc say when kids are move involved in the work of moving, they have a lot more fun. Work with them when arranging furniture, painting rooms, or deciding who rooms where. If they can get excited about the new house, they can get excited about the move. If the kids are involved with the house beforehand, it will give then something other than their worries to focus on. 

Moving is hard on everyone, but it can be easier on you and your kids with the right steps. Make sure you are all prepared and have a plan to help ease children’s fears.


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  1. Usually families who are moving with bigger kids are having the hardest time to adjust to the new neighborhood and the new environment.. It is really important that the parents approach their kids gently and give them enough time and space to get used to the changes! Lovely post! Thumbs up!

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