7 Home Security Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

You come from a successful business meeting and you find your house burgled. The cost of items stolen run into thousands of dollars, yet all entrances are intact and there is no sign of a break-in. When you review your security camera footage, you discover the system was off. Then you start asking yourself so many questions, especially since you live in a “safe” area. Well, the answer is that you made some mistakes that put your property within the reach of the burglar. Here are some mistakes that you make as a homeowner that just invite the thief to your premises.

Mistake #1: Investing in Your Front Door

Homeowners feel that the front door is the only entrance the burglar can use. You find the front door secured with several deadbolts, padlocks, and all the security systems that anyone can think of. When you get to the back door, you will find a measly padlock trying to keep the burglar away. When thieves strike, they look for the entrance with the least resistance. They test all your doors and windows and look for one that isn’t secured properly. This is the point they use.

Mistake #2: Ignoring Old Locks

When buying a house, the first thing you need to do is change the locks. You might feel the original locks still have life in them, but you might be wrong. Old locks are easier to break into than new ones. It is also difficult installing a security system on an old lock since most of them are not compatible with newer systems. Burglars know this fact and go ahead to use it to their advantage.

Mistake #3: Maintaining a Bushy Landscape

Having leafy trees and untrimmed shrubs adds a wild side to your landscape, but you need to know that you are giving the burglar lots of rooms to maneuver and move around undetected. The thief won’t move only under the cover of darkness, but also during broad daylight since they have the advantage of shadows.

Mistake #4: “Find the Key in the Usual Hiding Place”

Having a single key to your house poses a higher security risk than multiple keys. A single key means you need to have a common hiding place. History has it that there are some typical places that homeowners hide their keys – under the doormat, in the flowerpot, or above the main door. This is general knowledge, and a burglar is always one step ahead of you.

Mistake #5: Overlooking Garage Security

The garage represents one of the most common access points for burglars. It is easy especially when the garage connects to the main house.

Mistake #6: Failure to Install a Security System

This is a big mistake. Your home may have sturdy walls and a strong door, but a security system will make things easier. Additionally, you might have the security system installed, but forget to switch it on, or fail to repair a faulty system. The result is one: losing more than what a simple repair job would have cost you.

Mistake #7: Showing off Your Items

When you have your items behind blinds and curtains, no one will realize what is in your home. No one will understand what is there to be taken, and no one will plan on how to get it.

Your security and that of your family is paramount. As much as you can get your home secure by using equipment, you still have a role to play. NorthStar home security reviews find the loopholes in your home and help you seal them.