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Road Trips, Boy Feet and #FebrezeCar

There’s nothing like packing up the kids, loading everyone into the car and hitting the road! First, the sibling rivalry kicks in, before backing out of the driveway, then the snacks get spilled 20 miles in and finally, one of the boys takes off their shoes and we’ve still got 150 miles to go. If you’ve never been cooped up in a car with teen boy feet you don’t know what you’re missing – maybe stick your smeller into the nearest trash can for half an hour? You’ll get the picture! 

Add to all of this the fact that its March. And we live in Northern New England. Winter has been cold and steady this year. We get into the car, go where we need to go, hit an occasional drive through, get to our destination, return home and run as fast as we can into the house – it’s too darn cold to be searching the third row seat for dropped french fries and spilled Hi-C’s, forgotten gym clothes … Which means that about the time spring finally rolls around there’s a mess, a thawing scatter of three months worth of droppings under the seats, in the seats, on the seats … By the time we see the sun and it reaches 50 degrees on the thermometer we’re ready to don tank tops, flip flops and shorts and it’s time to clean the car out! Well,, maybe no tank tops and flip flops but it’s definitely time to give the car a good spring cleaning and a new fresh scent like my favorite #FebrezeCar Vent Clips with Gain Scent Island Fresh Air Freshener. If you love the laundry soap you won’t be disappointed! 

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Are you ready to take the challenge? Join me in the #FebrezeCar challenge and leave the smelly car life in the dust! It’s time to ride in the freshness!  Febreze Vent Clips last up to 30 days and helps you take the comfort of a fresh-smelling home on the road. You can pick up a Febreze Vent Car Clip from Walmart to take freshness on the go with you. If you clip coupons go back to your 3/1 pile and look for special offer in brandSAVER that lets you buy a single clip at Walmart and get another free.



Win a $25 Walmart Gift Card

To help you get started in your #FebrezeCar journey I’m giving away a $25 Walmart Gift Card!! Wooohoo!! Please note the giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!! 

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86 thoughts on “Boy Socks, Fast Food and Road Trips? Check Out #FebrezeCar and Enter to Win a $25 Walmart Gift Card

  1. Nothing smells worse in my car then cigarettes. I don’t buy them all the time but when I do I’m constantly airing it out.

  2. I like the linen & sky scent.

    The worst smell we encountered was vomit when my son became sick in the car.

  3. My worst car smell was from having to change my grandson in the car and we forgot about the diaper, it had gotten pushed under the seat and it ended up smelling horrible in the car.

  4. One time I accidentally left raw chicken in the trunk of my car. It started to smell really bad in my car, and I could not figure out what it was. Finally I checked the whole car out and found the rotting chicken! It smelled awful.

  5. Stinkiest would be driving home with my dog after the park in the summer time with his sweat and panting which he always seems to do directly in my face.

  6. I’ve accidently left some fruit in the car before realized what it was for a week or so, that was not pleasant!

  7. My worst stinky car story was when I was driving my dog to the vet. She was in a crate and was so nervous about going that she peed and pooped all over the crate and got it all over herself. It smelled so bad!

  8. i have never had a smell car so no story; my issue with my car is dust and pollen; my husbands dos not vacuum ever and he leaves the car windows down all the time 🙁

  9. My worst stinky car story was the time I inadvertently left my child’s soiled diaper in the back on the floor. Pew!

  10. The worst smell was when one of the kids left a half eaten hot dog in the back back.
    What can I say – when found yuch!
    thank you

  11. Those forgotten and spilled yogurt and milk mess kids made in the car were the worst. Not to mention it was in the hot summer time.

  12. I have 5 sons. Some of the worst smells are when they all take off there stinky cleats in the van after playing soccer!

  13. Hawaiian Aloha looks like it would smell nice and my smelliest car story would be when a friend’s child threw up twice in my car and while we stopped on the side of the road to try and clean it up, the smell stuck for a while.

  14. My worst stinky car story is when I left a gallon of milk in my trunk and some of it was leaking from the carton. Of course it was on a hot summer day. The bag rolled to the back of my trunk and I didn’t realize I left it in the car until the next day and my SUV had a horrible smell.

  15. Every time I drive through Richmond it smells up my car. There is a water treatment plant and paper factory. The smell stays in the car for a long time.

  16. A dead mouse. I had bought a mouse for my son’s snake, and it chewed out of the cardboard container before I got home. It climbed under the dash and froze to death. When it started thawing out, the smell was horrific. In the dead of winter, I had to drive with my window down. I finally took the car to the chop and they found the mouse and got rid of it.

  17. My car really stinks when it rains heavy and I forget to roll my windows up. A few days later it smells like mildew. I hate when that happens.

  18. My worst stinky car story is when I left my sack lunch with a tuna sandwich in my vehicle during a hot summer day to only want to evacuate the car upon entering as the smell was so aweful.

  19. My worst stinky car story would be leaving meat in the car and the odor not going away for a long time.

  20. When got my first car, many, many years ago.. I got a doggy bag from a restaurant. I didn’t want it to fall off the seat and spill so I put it on the passenger seat floor. Somehow the container slid under the seat. I didn’t notice and I totally forgot about it.. until it grew mold and started to stink. Ugh.. it was SO gross. It was under there for at least a week in the Summer. I still get grossed out thinking about it.

  21. I love the Hawaiian Aloha, but since there are so many other wonderful scents, I try others for a change too!

  22. On orange rolled out of my grocery bad and went under the seat. We didn’t notice it until it spoiled and we stinking up the car. It was disgusting.

  23. My worst stinky car story is the one where we drove across country. When we finally got to our final destination we had the car completely cleaned out. Unfortunately almost a month later we found some fresh fish which my husband had caught along the way and had fallen in between the seats.

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