Christmas Clean Up How to Organize Your Holiday Mess

It would be a luxury to have massive amounts of storage space in your home for putting away assembled, lit, and decorated Christmas trees until the next holiday season. Simply moving your tree from a storage spot to the window would certainly alter the process of decorating for Christmas. Unfortunately, most homes don’t come equipped with voluminous storage spaces. In addition, because Christmas is a season for over-spending, a January budget rarely includes money for purchasing storage accessories and extra cleaning items to refresh your home. Christmas storage organization and cleaning can be done creatively and efficiently by using just a few low to no-cost household items. 
Store Smart
Think smart and prepare for next year’s decorating ritual when packing items away. Place all items in one container that will be used to decorate your living room, and place all items in another container that will be used to decorate your bedroom. This will alleviate sifting through a giant box of lights or decorations to find the ones you need for the task at hand. Always mark boxes and lights by room or side of the house. Don’t waste time packing and lugging items to the attic that you have no intention of displaying. Rid yourself of decorations not used for the past two Christmas holidays. 


Perfect Packing
Homemade reels for lights, garlands, and greenery can be made out of household items you might usually throw away, such as cardboard paper towel reels, cut up cardboard boxes, and rolled up newspaper. Packing each reel of lights, garland, or greenery separately in disposable, plastic grocery bags will help protect items and will make for simpler assembly next year. Finally, take a little extra time to place all stored Christmas decorations behind other holiday decorations in the rear of storage spaces. It is not needed until next year, and you will be thankful for doing so as the year progresses.
Post Christmas Cleaning
Don’t worry about extensive cleaning until all Christmas decorations are safely and efficiently stored. A spray bottle of diluted bleach or ammonia goes a long way for multi-cleaning purposes. The formula for mixing is ¾ tablespoon of bleach or ammonia per one quart of water. Remember to rinse all surfaces with water after cleaning with diluted ammonia or bleach solution. Carpet and floor cleaning should be the last task performed. Consider splurging for professional carpet cleaning in Mississauga by surfing the web for carpet company discounts like those found at Babayan’s.


Once Christmas decorations are stored and your home is refreshed, consider your deep winter cleaning complete. 

 Have you finished your Christmas Clean Up yet?