1435683_325569795 DIY Holiday Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, and we prepare for receiving family and friends, giving our homes a welcoming and vibrant festive touch is a fabulous idea that everyone will surely appreciate. There is nothing more spectacular than Christmas decorations and ornamented wall lights and chandeliers that add colour and zest to any room in the house; and if you feel the inspiration to get into the spirit of the season and make some interesting attractions, you can have a lot of fun, and enjoy compliments from everyone living in, and visiting your home. In this blog post you will find a choice of five simple ideas to bring out your creative side, and spur on the indoor Christmas ambiance.

1. Jazz up your wall lights and chandeliers by adding spectacular exuberant shiny decorations that shimmer and dazzle in the night. Scout out some of the baubles that you normally use on the Xmas tree, as well as gold angels, and attach an elongated piece of red, green or gold colored satin ribbon to each one, so they have an individual ribbon which can dangle overhead or down the wall.

2. Set up an eye catching display on a table in the entrance hall by constructing a twig card tree. Get in some long twigs with lots of small branches, and put the base in a suitable vase which can be covered with gold paper. Add your Xmas cards to the branches by tying them on with strips of gold tinsel. Now finish off by placing some beautiful festive decorations either side of the vase. As a more simplistic alternative, you can buy a square boxwood wreath, tie a large red bow on the top, and stand it next to the center of the mirror.

3. Have a look at the mirrors in you hallway, drawing room and dining area that have a table or mantle piece below, and envisage an exotic boarder running along the bottom. You can easily make one using fresh greenery from small branches of a Xmas or fern tree, and then add a few golden deer or small illuminated lantern ornaments.

4. Go retro with a homely Victorian atmosphere of beautiful old style candles placed in a gold, brass or silver candelabra or antique effect candle holder. As an alternative, if you have children, or for safety reasons you would rather have electric, there is a selection of enchanting life-like electric and LED battery operated remote controlled wax candles that can also look magnificent. Place some beautiful crystal or decorative china vases full of red flowers, nearby.

5. If you have a small serving tray with tiers, or even a flat oblong rimmed serving tray which you cover with gold, red or green paper or tissue; you can make up an appealing presentation of all sorts of things including: chestnuts, pine cones, and lustrous stones and baubles. If you have any colorful beads of strings of pearls, then lay them on top to give it some za-za-zoom.

What are some of your favorite DIY holiday ideas?