Everything You Need for the Perfect Backyard Clubhouse

Every parent knows that sometimes you just want kids out from underfoot, and most of them would love to have a place all their own. The perfect backyard clubhouse is something that can really give the whole family some amazing memories, so think about what it takes to build the one that your kids have always dreamed out. How can you make it perfect?


Starting with the basics, remember that a clubhouse does not have to be a practical color, a color that doesn’t show dirt, or a neutral thing at all. Instead, let your kids pick out the colors, and then spend a weekend putting it all on together. The right paint job, no matter how loud or how quiet the color, is a great way to make a clubhouse really belong to your kids. Give them space to draw some of their favorite characters or designs as well.

If the clubhouse is elevated and your kids have a taste for adventure, why not tether down a zipline and let them swing straight to the ground? This is something you should reserve for older children, or for times when the kids are supervised, but a zipline is an amazing option for a truly wild clubhouse experience.

If you are just getting started on building your kids a great clubhouse, take a moment and consider how you can elevate it. Some of the best clubhouses around are built into trees, and if you don’t have trees in your space, think about putting in the clubhouse on stilts. This is a great way to get the kind of space your kids will love. 

Windows and Doors
When you want to make sure that that clubhouse is actually perfect, go the extra mile and consider having doors and windows put in. A good Utah homebuilder can step in and help you create the secure space you want for your kids, and your kids can enjoy the fun and the enchantment of having their own tiny house.

While sprawling on the floor is fine, don’t forget that your kids still want to be comfortable in their clubhouse. Think about having cushions and beanbags scattered around perfect for reading, chatting, or just playing. Kids like luxury and comfort just as much as adults do, so be willing to stop and to consider what kind of space you want to create for them. 

Look for an amazing variety of options to make your kids’ backyard clubhouse something truly special. Just one or two extra features can make it a star!