Stir Crazy Best Tips for Traveling With Kids

Traveling with your family is a great way to build memories and closer relationships. However, many people are afraid to undertake trips with kids when they are so young. Traveling with children can actually be a fun experience if you plan ahead, and make a few simple modifications to your plan. Here are some tips that will get your family started on your own adventures.

Plan the Details
As every parent knows, spontaneity with children can be over-rated. While it’s fun to make an impromptu stop at a cool site, you have no room for finding out a hotel is full, or that the only restaurant in town requires reservations when you have hungry or tired kids. Be spontaneous with fun activities, but make sure important details like where you sleep and eat have been researched and planned. Inns like BCMI mgmt hotels in Lloydminster allow online booking as well as the amenities that you need to have a comfortable stay, with or without children.

Keep Time on Your Side
Every trip with children will take longer. Whether you are dealing with a tantrum, waiting an extra half hour for them to finish their cereal, or finding a bathroom (again!), children will add time to every step of your trip. Plan for many stops and a little extra time on every leg of your itinerary. Take your time, and make sure your schedule has plenty of wiggle room so you don’t end up getting stressed trying to make every appointment.

Be Prepared
It’s no secret that children end up hungry and thirsty at the most inconvenient times, and that accidents happen. Make sure that you always have immediate access to drinks, snacks, clean clothing, your kid’s favorite blankie, and other necessities. Keep the bag in the car, or carry a camel back around with all the essentials.

Help Them Make Their Own Memories
While it may be tempting to entertain your child with toys, electronics, and books, it is important to allow them to experience the vacation through their own eyes. Children may enjoy documenting the trip themselves with a cheap disposable camera, scrap-booking kit, or journal. Encourage them to fully explore and engage in the trip by pointing out new sights and playing games like “I Spy” that keep their attention on their surroundings. A parent should always bring a few toys and other ways to amuse their child on vacation, but these should not be the main attraction.

Regardless of where or why you plan to travel, taking a trip with the entire family is a great way to explore the world and instill a lifelong sense of adventure. If properly planned, traveling with kids can be even more fun than traveling without them.