6 Indispenable Bicycling Safety Tips for Kids

Biking is great exercise that the entire family can enjoy. An hour spent biking can help teach children coordination, awareness of one’s surroundings and the chance to see some great scenery they may not have noticed before. If you are biking with kids, it is important to put safety first. Doing so will help avoid injury to your child and to their beloved bike. 

Adjust the Bike Seat Properly 

One of the most important aspects of proper bicycle safety is the effective use of the bike seat. Children must have a seat they can sit on without fear of falling while biking. All bikes have a seat that can be adjusted to the user’s needs. Your child should be able to ride the bike without any discomfort. Have the child sit on the bike without moving to make sure that it works well for their needs. 

Avoid Busy Roads 

Even the most experienced biker may have trouble maneuvering on heavily traveled roads. This is very true for children. A child may not know how to react when confronted with a small car behind them, let alone a much larger truck. This is why it best to avoid such roads altogether when biking with children. Smaller, paved bike paths are far safer for all concerned. 

Bike With Someone Else 

Children should always bike with another person. This person should be at least a teenager. Young children should always go biking with an adult. This helps them have a leader to emulate when biking through paths that might otherwise present challenges. An adult can also show the child where to stop and how to use the bike in places that may not be bike friendly. 

Have Identification with You

It is important to always have identification on hand when biking somewhere. This is also important for children. A child may have a medical condition that needs careful attention should they get into an accident, such as an allergy to penicillin or nuts. The parent may not be able to tell the person treating the child and the child may be reluctant to speak up. This is why medical alert bracelets for kids are an ideal accessory when going biking with them. 

Practice Bike Safety Steps

The key to effective safety is often practicing beforehand. A child should practice all necessary safety measures until they become second nature. This should be done in a safe area such as park bike bath even before the child starts to ride a bike. The child should practice safety measures such as stopping the bike under the direct supervision of skilled and experienced rider. This will give them the confidence they need to implement such measures when actually biking somewhere. If the child appears hesitant, it is best to take the time to practice as long as necessary. 

Wear a Helmet 

Helmets are an essential part of any bike safety. A helmet helps protect the child’s skull in case of any crash. This can be the difference between a serious head injury and someone who is able to get up immediately even after a nasty crash and walk home. All people who bike should wear one including all siblings and any adult who is biking with a child. 

Proper bike safety is an important part of having an enjoyable experience when biking. Parents and anyone biking with a child should make sure that the child in their care follows all necessary safety rules at all times. Doing so may help provide the child with a love of sport and a lifelong means of getting enough exercise.


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