teen driving

September 30th was a day I’d been hearing about for quite some time. It marked the first day that my son was able to legally drive with an adult in the car. Here we go!

Preparing your teen for responsible driving is a way for you to feel relief whenever they are on the road and out of your care. Keeping your child safe while driving is essential to prevent accidents, injuries and potential fatalities. Taking responsible driving serious is imperative in order to ensure your teenager understands the importance of paying attention and following the law any time they are behind the wheel.

Find an Available Driver’s Education Handbook

Visit your local Secretary Of State or DMV to obtain a free copy of the driver’s education handbook available for teenagers and any adult looking to obtain their driver’s license, as long as they are of legal age according to your state’s rules and requirements.

Enroll Your Teen in a Driver’s Training Program

Enroll your teenager in a driver’s training program to get them started with understanding the basics of the law while practicing with a certified trainer. Driver’s training programs can be found at local schools, city halls and by conducting a bit of research online.

Have Your Teenager Obtain They Learner’s Permit

Allow your teen to obtain their learner’s permit once they have passed driver’s training and also have a clear understanding of all of the laws and how to properly pay attention any time they are behind the wheel.

Practice Driving With Your Teen in a Safe Environment

Practice driving with your teen in a safe environment once they have obtained their driver’s permit and are ready to get behind the wheel with another licensed adult.

Research Available Legal Resources

Finding legal resources before your teen hits the road legally is also recommended. Working with professional attorneys such as Tony Zuber & Paul Brioux is necessary whenever involved in an auto accident or personal injury case.

Read All Guidelines to Pass Your State’s Road Test

Be sure to read and review all guidelines necessary in order to pass your state’s road test.

Model Positive Driving Behavior

Avoid drinking and driving or texting while driving to model positive behavior any time you are on the road. Showing positive behavior is one of the best methods of passing it on to any child.
Preparing your teenager for responsible driving is a way to keep them safe from harm while allowing them to drive with confidence. Defensive driving courses and plenty of practice is a way for your teen to avoid run-ins with the law and other potentially dangerous drivers who are out on the road.