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Braces are a way for teenagers and adults to have the straight teeth that they desire for a beautiful smile or to improve the function of the teeth. When you visit the orthodontist to get the braces applied to the teeth or to get the wires tightened through the course of treatment, you might have some discomfort, aka metal mouth pain. There are some things that you can do to help relieve that pain.

1.      Wax

Before you leave the orthodontist, you will be given a small container of wax. This wax can be used at the ends of the wires of the top and bottom braces. This will keep the wires from sticking into the gums and the cheeks. The wax can be used until you get accustomed to having the braces on. Once you brush your teeth a few times, the ends of the wires should become dull so they won’t stick into the gums as bad.

2.      Soothe With Cold

Wrap a cold compress in a towel so that it is not directly on the skin. Keep the compress on the mouth for a few minutes until the area feels better. You can also drink something cold. Avoid drinks that have sugar because they can cause cavities, and the sugar can sit around the brackets. Water is the best thing to drink, but don’t eat ice because you can break the brackets. Frozen foods like popsicles or smoothies are also good to relieve the pain from new braces.

3.      Your Diet

At first, you need to eat soft foods so that your mouth can adjust to having the braces on the teeth. Soups and pudding are ideal foods to eat. You should also stay away from foods that you have to chew a lot. These would include meats and breads. Baby food is an idea if you don’t want to mash the food that you eat.

4.      Medications

You can ask the orthodontist for a pain reliever, but an over the counter pain relief is fine to take. Don’t take more than the recommended dosage, and take the medication as directed. Only take the medication until you get over the initial pain of having the braces because you don’t want to become dependent on taking medicine. Gels are a good way to relieve the pain in the mouth if you don’t want to take pills. These will provide relief by numbing the area.

5.      Patience

Wearing braces is beneficial for your mouth. You will enjoy the beautiful smile that you will have when the braces are removed. However, you might have to deal with some pain. Remember that pain is beauty. The treatment will probably only last for one to two years. Listen to the doctor to take care of the braces, and if the pain persist for longer than a few days, call the office to see what they recommend.

6.      Warmth

If you don’t like the idea of something extremely cold on your mouth, then use a warm compress. The heat source should not be applied directly to the skin. If you use a washcloth that is heated, place it in a small plastic bag so that there is something between the cloth and your mouth. Another option is getting a hot water bottle and laying on it, but wrap a towel around the bottle.

When you have braces, you will have to see the orthodontist every month so that he can look at the brackets to make sure they are not broken. The doctor might not tighten the wires every visit, but they will be tightened occasionally as this is how the braces will straighten the teeth. Pain can be relieved using a variety of methods. Find a few things that work for you, and think about the beauty of the end result.

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Discuss: Have you had braces? Has your child? What worked to ease the metal mouth pain for you? The wax was my son’s best friend! 

5 thoughts on “Metal Mouth Pain: Six Tricks to Make Braces Not Hurt

  1. The first days and weeks of your braces are painful and frustrating. The inside of your mouth can get all torn up and your lips may get cut, and your teeth hurts. But the time that your getting use to it, it makes you feel so excited to see the result of your teeth.

  2. My little brother is about to get braces, and he heard that when he gets them on that they are going to hurt him. He is really worried about this. That being the case, I really appreciate you giving me 6 different things he can make sure to do to reduce that pain once he gets them on. I’ll be sure to show this to him right away so he can be prepared for them. Thanks a ton for all your help.

  3. One of my kids is going to get braces soon, and I really don’t want it to be a painful experience for her. I’ll be sure to keep both a cold and warm compress handy the first week. I’m glad that they give you wax to keep your cheeks and gums safe. I feel a lot more useful knowing these tips now, thank you for this advice!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had so much experience with braces and pain 🙁 gald you’re sharing the info around. Though there is inevitably going to be discomfort, there are at least smaller varieties of braces nowerdays and alternatives to help people to deal with them.
    Great share of info, keep it up 🙂

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