fear of spiders

You really want your children to be brave, you want them to be strong. You don’t want your children living their lives in fear, especially not in fear of something as small and – usually – harmless such as spiders. How do you help your children overcome that fear? Keep reading.

Lead by Example:

How do you respond to a spider when one appears next to you? Do you freak out and start screaming? If so, that is exactly what your children are going to do, as well. You need to show your children that spiders are not scary by not acting scared of them, yourself. The next time you come across a spider with your children around, calmly remove the intruder from your home.

Talk to Your Kids:

Ask your children questions about their fear. Allow them to share with you just what it is about spiders that makes them scared, and then soothe their fears. Don’t be afraid to talk about spiders, even if your children are afraid of them. Allow everyone to be open and honest about their feelings, with no condemnation, only comfort.

Bring Spiders into Your Life:

Consider going to the zoo and checking out their tarantula with your children, all the while supporting and comforting them as needed. Read books – fiction and non-fiction – that feature spiders, then talk about how they are not really as scary as they may seem. Draw pictures of spiders, play with spider toys… do what you can to bring spiders into your lives in a way that is safe and calm.

Remove the Spiders that are Causing Issues:

While spiders don’t need to be something that your children fear, and while you can help your children past their issues with the little creatures, it will help if your children are not bothered with them on a regular basis. Through the help of a service such as North Shore Pest Detective Ltd, consider removing the unwanted spiders from your home. Your children are bound to respond much better to spiders when they don’t have to deal with them all of the time in the comfort of their own home.

Spiders can seem a bit creepy, even to us adults, but there are ways to move past the fear that they bring. Who knows… while you are working with your children on their fear, you might actually move past your own fear.