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My Family Vault Offers Permanent Online Storage

My Family Vault is your permanent online storage solution that requires no annual fee. Their 100 year lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind.

  • Their one time flat fee means you don’t have to keep up with your account. Just store it and forget it. (As low as 99 cents!)
  • They’ve got you covered. Their hosting accounts are insured by one of the oldest insurance companies in the world, Lloyd’s of London.
  • You don’t ever have to pay hosting costs. A small amount of every dollar they get goes to pay for the 100 year guaranteed insurance.

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Why Use My Family Vault?

End Your Digital Stress
There is no more need for anxiety when it comes to the protection of your digital goods. Your files, recipes and photos will never be deleted.

Secure Your Facebook Photos
Using our Facebook photo Importer tool your photos will be safe and permanently stored no matter what happens.

Stay secure & organized, anywhere
Your files, photos and recipes are available anywhere you go, whether it’s on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Why I Love My Family Vault


A little over three years ago my family had a house fire. We were left with the clothes on our backs and digital photos. Only those images that I had uploaded to Facebook and MySpace (gasp!) survived. But, what if I gave up Facebook and forgot my password like I eventually did with MySpace? I’m left with no baby pictures of my kids because those were taken before the digital craze. I don’t even have the negatives anymore! 

I also have so many family recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Luckily my Mom was able to restock most of the ones that I had lost – but there will come a time when that might not be possible. My Family Vault not only lets me grab all of my pictures from Facebook, but I can also upload them, and my recipes directly. Plus, I can access all of it wherever I am! 

Another great thing about My Family Vault is the flat fee paid upfront. I have no worries that I’ll lose anything because I can’t make the monthly payment five days or five years from now. Everything I upload is secure for at least 100 years, guaranteed! That’s a serious bonus! Plus, the flat fees are super low! You can get started today for under a buck! If you find you love it (I know you will!) you can expand your storage, too! 

My Family Vault is Really Affordable


Connect With My Family Vault

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19 thoughts on “Protect Your Memories with My Family Vault – A Permanent Online Storage Solution

  1. This is a great idea. My Hubs swears that one day the world will be photoless because nothing is done on paper much any longer.

  2. This sounds great! I do keep some pictures on my computer and it worries me my computer will shut down one day and I will never have access to them again.

  3. Boy, a fire! That’s pretty intense. Sounds like this is a great solution for people who want to store digital goods remotely.

  4. I tend to put my photos on an external hard drive, but I am thinking of getting on online back up as well. If there were ever a fire or something like that, I would lose them all, and that would be devastating!

  5. What a great idea.. I have never heard of this, totally excited that you reviewed it and I loved your post. Will check it out now, I really think my family will benefit from this. Thanks for sharing

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