When planning on moving to a new home, it can be a challenge to avoid stress and chaos when packing and trying to transport personal belongings. For many people, it can be difficult to pack correctly or avoid damage to the items that are moved. To make for an easy process and move comfortably, there are a few tips to follow when packing everything.

1.      Leave Clothes on the Hangers

Instead of folding your clothes in boxes to move, leave them on the hangers and use a trash bag to keep them upright. It will allow the clothes to stay in place for easy transportation. You can also hang them with a clothes bar that will hang in the backseat of a vehicle for a convenient way of keeping everything organized.

2.      Use Clothing to Wrap Breakables

Instead of spending money on bubble wrap and newspapers, use your clothes to wrap breakables. Socks can easily protect glass cups, while t-shirts can secure vases or glass plates. You’ll also be packing your clothes at the same time for an easy way to reduce how many boxes are used.

3.      Pack Plates Upright

To prevent putting stress on plates that are packed, pack them upright in each box to reduce the risk of damage. This method will prevent dishes from breaking once other boxes are placed on top.

4.      Leave Items in Drawers

Instead of re-packing clothes or items that are already stored in dresser drawers, keep them intact and move them individually. You can also cover the contents with plastic wrap to prevent anything from falling out.

5.      Color-Code Each Box

Keep each box organized by clearly labeling the contents, as well as color-coding which room the box should be placed in when at the new property. This will make it easy to keep like-items together once in the new home.

6.      Load the Heaviest Items First

Load heavy furniture items and appliances in the moving truck first in an upright position to prevent the objects from shifting. The furniture can also be disassembled to create more space in the truck.

Moving homes can be considered an art form for a process that can be difficult to accomplish comfortably without the right tactics and materials used. To reduce the stress involved and protect your belongings, it’s important to follow specific tips to ensure that everything arrives safely. It will not only reduce the time that it takes to move, but will make it easier to settle into your new home.

Information credited to Western Truck Body Mfg, truck body in Drayton Valley, AB. Do you have additional tips for packing for a move without all the stress?

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  1. We purchased a home in July and it was hectic. However, before I even knew this post existed I did all of the steps. It definitely made moving much easier and more efficient even though we were still packing things the day we closed. It was crazy but so worth it!

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