let dads be dads

Have you caught yourself “scolding” your husband for playing too roughly with the kids, or letting the kids climb too high or do some other activity that you normally wouldn’t let them do? I know that I have! As moms we want to protect our children from well, everything! Sometimes we need to take a moment to remember that their dads want to protect them, too. And, perhaps just let Dads be Dads! 

Up for Discussion

I want to know your thoughts on the following questions! Leave me a comment or come visit me on Facebook and join the discussion! 

  1. Are there ways moms inadvertently discourage fathers from being the parents their children them need them to be?
  2. What is the impact on children when their father is not involved in their lives?
  3. How did your father parent differently than your mother?

Watch the video below to learn more about why its important to let dads be dads! 

Dad’s Way! Let Dads be Dads

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Did You Know:

  • 24 million children are growing up in homes without their biological fathers.
  • Only 30% of divorces are due to infidelity, addiction or abuse, 70% of divorces are due to couples feeling disconnected.
  • Couples who manage to devote time specifically to one another at least once a week are markedly more likely to enjoy high-quality relationships and lower divorce rates, compared to couples who do not devote as much couple time to one another.
  • Fathers provide unique benefits to their daughters through their active and positive presence from the time of birth all the way through adulthood.

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  1. There was definitely a difference in the way that my parents raised me, but my parents also separated by the time I was 10. I would usually go to my mom for things first.

  2. My kiddo’s dad isn’t his biological father. His donor decided that he didn’t want to be a parent so he left. It’s a crazy statistic but happens to more people than they care to admit.

    1. I firmly believe that biology has nothing to do with parenting. My Dad wasn’t my biological father and I’m not my youngest’s biological mother – neither of these things make a single bit of difference in how I was raised or how I parent! Love is love!

  3. I believe it. My husband and I go out once a week and it’s literally the only thing that keeps us sane. We are definitely better people because of it.

  4. My mom had a bit of a temper and was always so busy. My dad was just so laid-back and calm and very, very loving. He was a gentle soul and I miss him!

  5. Wow! I had my speakers up all the way and that video started playing automatically. My poor ears lol

    My mother and father definitely parented differently. My mother was easy going where my father was strict.

  6. I think having both parents are important in a child’s life. Adults need to put their petty differences aside to make sure that the child has the best of both worlds.

  7. Hubby and I have never done the date night thing ever. It’s always been us as a family but then my son is a total mom’s boy which I adore.

  8. I think that as moms we want to be everything to our children at all times. As a result, we sometimes take away from what fathers are doing to contribute to childrearing.

  9. My dad was a provider and so my mom is the one that you went to with everything. About the only time I needed to go to my dad for anything was to have him build something or give me money. Now that I am older I have a better relationship with my dad but still pretty much centers around him building me stuff.

  10. I admit that I am one of those wives and mother who nag my husband when I think he’s being too rough playing with the kids. They seem to enjoy it but I’m always worried that something is going to happen although nothing has happened EVER.

  11. I think it’s easy for moms to think that the only way to do things is their way and that’s why when Dad steps in to do something, they get “looks” or even scolded, it’s not the way Mom would do it!

  12. I really appreciate this. You are right. My husband tosses the kids in the pool and they giggle hysterically. I would rarely do such a thing. We play differently but love the kids the same. I didn’t have a dad around as a kid. He left when I was maybe 7. We were raised by a single mom who also had a fair bit of anxiety. We were cautious kids and really didn’t take a ton of chances.

  13. My husband is actually better at handling our girls than I am. He is the fun one. Yes, I do see him rough playing with them from time to time, but he’s never hurt them in the process, so I let them be.

  14. I believe that you don’t need biological parents in order to grow up properly, all you need is a parent or parents that are genuine and a nice person knowing what they’re doing.

  15. My dad passed when my mom was expecting me, so I never really had a role model to draw from. Years ago I used to try and micromanage my husband’s parenting, but I’ve long since learned the value for everyone in letting him be his own parent (like he lets me be my own too).

  16. What a great post. I totally agree with Tourist Meets Travel– I really don’t think that you need biological parents as long as you have a couple that actually want to be parents.

  17. I try to step back and let my husband parent our children the “dad way.” Sometimes it’s hard to watch when I would handle things much differently – but I know it will pay off for my kids.

  18. My dad always played rough….I still have the pictures of being hanged up side down in front of the Christmas tree. He was the one who turned me loose in the pool to sink or swim. He fed me food that my mother did not like too.

  19. I was raised by a single mother and I can’t really say that it affected me but now that I’m married with 2 children I will say that my husband is pretty laid back. I don’t have to worry about him going against me. Him and I only bicker because I don’t like to yell to get the kids to do something and he gets on me for being too “soft” with our children.

  20. I am a single mom. I think I am doing a great job…wasn’t my choice however I am believe has God has blessed me so. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  21. Having a solid relationship builds the foundation for a strong and loving family. It is important to take time to go out.

  22. I care for my grandchildren while my daughter works so I have them here daily. If they bring up their Father, I always say something positive and remind them of how much he loves them. I keep my opinion to myself because they only have one Father. Now he sees them on the weekends and they love every minute of it. Their happiness and well being is more important than my opinion of him.

  23. A child needs to learn a dads way and well as a moms way.. You can never be to careful but its always good to let loose at times.

  24. My favorite video is the Date Night video.
    I think that it’s important for parents to take time off together and to stay connected when raising a family.


  25. My husband has always been a hands on dad and no matter how tired he is when he comes home, he always plays with the kids and spends time with them

  26. The video made me laugh–my dad used to suck my hair up with the vacuum just like the dad did in the video

  27. The couple that wears Moonpie tshirts together stays together. Or that’s the hope. Dads do have it different than Moms. So glad you brought this up for discussion.

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