Disclosure: I was provided a sample for review. All opinions are my own. wallmonkeys decals


WallMonkeys Decals Are Removable, Reusable and Custom Made for You

If you have kids like mine they are constantly changing their interests. Not a bad thing at all, it’s called evolving. Growing up and moving on. Kind of like the clothes that you buy for a new school year won’t fit by October. It happens! 

So, when you are making over your child’s room you’re probably careful to find interest neutral decor – something that will last a while, especially since you’re going through the trouble and expense of updating the room and you don’t want to do it all over again in six months. I feel you! And, thats exactly why I am in love with WallMonkeys Decals

First of all, if you can dream it – they can print it. WallMonkeys has more than a million images for you to choose from and if that’s not enough – you can upload your own and they’ll even remove the background just for the asking. The printing is top quality and the turnaround time is super fast, too! 

And, if that’s not enough to get your deco mojo juices flowing, check this out – installation is as easy as peel and stick AND if you stick it in the wrong place or on crooked (as we did), you just peel it off and reposition. Even better? Six weeks down the road when your teenager decides he no longer loves Buddhas, or your first grader swears off Thomas the Train – you can just pull it down without worrying about marks on the wall or sticky residues. WallMonkeys decals are available in a wide variety of sizes (look how big my son’s decal is next to him!) and they are really affordable, too!