Busy moms find it hard to get accessories that complement their lifestyle. Jewelry is flimsy, belts aren’t hard wearing enough, gloves get lost (or just one does!), and hair grips are never to be seen again.

When you’re looking for the perfect timekeeping device, watches can be tricky little items to get right. You want a watch that doesn’t get scratched, no matter how much I play with the kids. You want a watch that keeps running even if you splash it while you’re doing the dishes. And you want a watch that’s hard wearing but still looks pretty if you’re out for lunch with your friends once in a while.

Below are few watches available online that you’ll find fulfil ‘practical, yet stylish’ expectations — and that’s not a lot to ask, is it?

 Accurist Ladies Leather Multifunction Watch

The Toolkit: Accurist Ladies Leather Multifunction Watch

This watch really has it all: it shows the day, the date and the time in both the 12 hour and 24 hour clock. Not only that, the Swarovski crystal around the rim adds a nice sparkle to your day, along with a bit of style. The leather strap is hard wearing, but can be replaced if needed. Ideal!

The Just-a-Watch: Oval Face Analogue Expandable Watch

For something simple yet stylish, this watch is great. With an analogue face, it’s easy to read the time without any fuss. The silver link bracelet is expandable, fitting most wrist sizes, and makes removing it easy and simple —perfect for when you’re getting your hands dirty in the garden or kitchen!

The Classic: Original Boyfriend Chronograph Leather Watch

This traditional style watch looks like the watches your dad and grandfather used to wear, but with a feminine twist. It’s the kind of watch that will suit the tomboys amongst you down to the ground, or just those who don’t like to make a fuss with jewelry and want an everyday watch that has a classic style.

The Digital: Casio’s W59-1V

Perhaps the ultimate digital watch: classic in style, with an alarm, a digital display and a calendar. It’s hard wearing, water resistant to 50 meters, with a stop watch and a battery life of 7 years. This tried and tested watch will serve you well.

The accessories are out there, and you can find the ones that match your lifestyle. You needn’t be late to that next meet-up with your friends. In fact, you’ll arrive there on time and, just as importantly, in style.