low carb stuffed mushrooms

Cheesy Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

So, I’ve lost a little over 60 pounds since March 30th (four months). I’ve been doing DDP Yoga and eating cleaner and eliminating most carbohydrates- no potatoes, pasta, flour, sugar. Typically the carbs I do consume come from vegetables. I have found that I’m not just losing weight, I’m feeling so much better and I’m cooking at home a lot more. If I cook it I know exactly what’s in it. My entire family has truly benefited from my new way of eating! 

One of my favorite things about this new way of eating, and cooking, has been trying new things and getting extremely creative in the kitchen! I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with variations on foods and various recipes I’ve found across the web. There are a lot of resources online for substitutions, recipes and the like. 

I had been craving stuffed mushrooms but with a seemingly developing shellfish allergy and the inability to eat even the tiniest amount of breadcrumbs I really wasn’t sure what the heck I should stuff them with! I turned to Pinterest and Google and stumbled upon this recipe from Ree over at The Pioneer Woman. I knew I had to try it right away! 

Ree provides great step by step directions along with a ton of photos so I’m not going to include her recipe here. If you are a foodie you’ll probably want to browse around on her site – lots of great goodies! I did make one change to her recipe for my own use based on personal preference and to further reduce the carb count of these stuffed mushrooms. While Ree’s recipe calls for hot pork sausage, I opted for this great Al Fresco Sweet Italian Style Chicken Sausage I found at Walmart

Ree notes that these stuffed mushrooms taste better when not piping hot. I have to agree and even sampled one the next morning straight out of the fridge. It was so good that I enjoyed a couple of these for breakfast! 

To get the full recipe head on over to The Pioneer Woman! Thanks, Ree for a great new menu rotation item! These would make a great appetizer but for me, its the most delicious meal! 


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