learning a second language

Learning a second language has many hidden benefits, and the best time to start learning a language is when you’re still a child. For a kid to understand and become fluent in a second language, a lot of effort is needed from the parents to encourage learning. While it can seem like a daunting task, there are solutions to make it more enjoyable and attainable. Here are six good reasons why your child should be learning a second language.

Increase Cultural Awareness

The world is becoming more global every day. Learning new languages gives people a better understanding of the world beyond their own borders. It’s one thing to read about the issues going on in another part of the world. People who can speak another language, however, can read articles and books in the native language and listen to native speakers discuss these issues. Knowing a second language is one of the best way to help your child become more culturally aware.

Helps People Understand Their Own Language

Studying a second language helps you understand the basic principles of grammar. Most native English speakers aren’t that familiar with the rules of their own language. People who study foreign languages, though, are forced to become very aware of grammar and the structure of languages. This is useful for broadening your understanding of your own language. Thus, a child who learns a another language is likely to improve his or her English skills as well.

Increases Brain Power

People use certain parts of their brains when studying languages that might otherwise remain dormant. As the child learns, he or she will have to memorize lots of new vocabulary words and master a whole new system of grammar. Doing this does more than teach a person a new language. It also teaches him or her to become a more efficient learner. This is something that can have longstanding benefits throughout the child’s life.

Opens Up Opportunities

Knowing a second language will open up more opportunities as the child grows older. It may help him or her get accepted into a better college as well as being better qualified for many jobs. While still in school, your child may want to take advantage of a study abroad program. Knowing another language is certainly helpful for students who are studying in other countries. Colleges and graduate schools are always impressed with people who are bilingual. Someone who speaks a second language is also qualified to work in other countries or for companies that do business abroad.

Makes Travel More Fun

If your child ever does any traveling, knowing a second language can come in very hand. He or she may one day want to visit the land where this language is spoken. Being able to communicate with people in their own language makes travel much more enjoyable. Traveling is always easier and more fun for people who speak multiple languages.

Meet More People

When your child learns another language, he or she will find it easier to meet other speakers of this language. Another language gives one the ability to connect with many more people in the world. Whether it’s chatting with people from other countries online or being able to talk to them in person, this is a skill that improves a person’s communications skills considerably.


Learning a second language opens up a wide range of possibilities for a child. This is especially important as the world becomes ever smaller and more interconnected. There is no better way to open up many opportunities for a child and to make him or her a more sophisticated global citizen.


Informational credit to spanishathome.com.