Who Has Time For That - 5 Simple Beauty Tricks for Time-Crunched Mothers

If you have children, then your schedule is probably already jam packed and you rarely get a moment to yourself. There may not be a lot of time left over to take care of your own needs, especially when you’re getting ready for the day. Mornings can be hectic, and most mothers don’t have the time to style their hair and get all dolled up. Fortunately, there are five simple beauty tricks for time-crunched mothers that will have you looking fabulous in a matter of minutes.

An Effortless Hairstyle

If you are tired of pulling your hair back into the same boring ponytail day after day, try this effortless hairstyle to switch things up. You can wash your hair the night before, so you don’t have to waste precious time in the morning. Let it dry naturally, so any natural curl your hair has will stay in place. In the morning, spray your hair with water to dampen it. Then, apply mousse to your hair in sections. Use your hands to scrunch your hair. The result will be effortless waves that look natural and casual. No need to break out the curling iron—just embrace the natural wave of your hair and use a little hair spray to keep the waves intact throughout the day. If your hair gets greasy overnight, you can spray some dry shampoo onto your scalp to make it look clean and give you a little volume.

A Gorgeous Smile

As a busy mother, you don’t have much time to devote to a beauty regimen, so you need beauty tricks that are quick and effective. To make sure your teeth look white and healthy, try teeth whitening strips. You can put these in place on your teeth and continue your morning routine while they work for you. This can be a real time saver. When you take the strips off of your teeth, you will be able to see the difference. According to Red Deer dentists of the Parkland Mall Dental Centre, you can combine the strips with a whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash to maximize your results.

Brighten Your Eyes

If you have a few extra seconds in the morning, spend it on your eyes. Since most moms are tired and sleep deprived, the eye area usually needs the most attention. Get a good concealer that matches your skin tone that you can use to cover up any bags or dark circles under your eyes. This will light up your face and make you look a lot less tired than you actually are. Choose a natural color that matches your eyes for your eye shadow and swipe it on quickly before you head out the door with a little mascara. The eye shadow will give your eyes a little contrast, but won’t make you look like you got all dolled up just to take your kids to soccer.

Make Your Skin Glow

If you are truly time-crunched and cannot even afford a few minutes to apply make-up, try this trick. Apply a tinted moisturizer to your face and neck as you’re hurriedly “getting ready” in the morning. Not only will your face look hydrated and fresh, you will look like you have a healthy glow from the inside. This can even make you look younger because it will cover wrinkle lines and dark circles under the eyes. Just make sure that the tint in the moisturizer is a good match for your skin or else your face will be a different color than your neck and it will look funny.

Add a Touch of Color with Blush

Finally, if you don’t have enough time to apply foundation or pressed powder, skip that step and head straight into the blush. Choose a beautiful pink colored blush and apply it over your cheek bones to give your face some color and add life to it. Avoid putting on too much because it can look fake, and make sure the color isn’t too pink or red, or you’ll look flushed. A tiny brush of blush will give you color but won’t overwhelm your face. The hint of color blush is perfect for adding sparkle to your face (and your day.)


Although you might be too busy to devote a lot of time to your appearance, being a time-crunched mother doesn’t mean you can’t still look great. You can use the simple beauty tricks above to amp up your look in just a few minutes without actually trying too hard. When you are a mom, every minute is precious, so don’t worry about taking forever to get ready in the morning, try these beauty hacks and look fabulous without wasting any time!