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Are You a Cyber Smart Parent?

Parenting teenagers is hard. A lot of the time. And, its different for us than it was for our parents thanks to technology, especially social media. As someone that was an early adopter of most social media networks thanks to my line of work, I have seen firsthand some of the great things these networks offer, and sadly, some of the scarier things that I want to keep my kids safe from.

With more and more kids getting online unmonitored thanks largely to their access to social media through cell phones, iPods and various tablets. These pocket devices make getting online convenient – but also a little too easy for our kids and because they can delete things so easily, it can be tough to monitor those texts, instant messages and even just the number of accounts one child might have.

It’s challenging to say the least – but so important to get a handle on! But, if you aren’t as cyber smart as your tech savvy teen, how do know where to begin?

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BGCA’s CyberSafe Futures Initiative and Teen CyberTribe Q&A

BGCA’s Cyber Safe Site is a great way to get started on your #cybersafe journey! BGCA’s Cyber Safe Futures initiative supports Internet Safety Awareness and offers a weekly teen CyberTribe Q&A in partnership with Sprint. 

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, in partnership with Sprint, has assembled our CyberTribe of expert teens — to answer your questions on the issues facing kids online, like cyberbullying, mobile device safety, online privacy and personal data sharing, especially on social networks. Because every teen deserves a #cybersafe future.

Let’s face it, teens today are oftentimes more savvy about #cybersafety than their parents because they were born directly into the technology age. If you’ve got questions about cyber safety, our CyberTribe of expert teens has answers. Submit your questions below then enter for a chance to win an iPad mini and $500 to the Boys & Girls Club of your choice. Check back for updates from the CyberTribe each week in June for Internet Safety Month.

Got pressing questions about Cyber Safety? Our CyberTribe of expert teens is on call to respond. You ask, we answer. Plus, after you submit your question, enter for a chance to win an iPad Mini and $500 to a local Boys & Girls Club of your choice!

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To submit your questions to the CyberTribe: 

  • Visit the BGCA CyberSafe site
  • Visit the “Ask the CyberTribe” tab
  • Click “Ask now”
  • Write in your question, fill out your information (First Name, Last initial, City, and State) 
  • Click “Submit”
  • After hitting submit you will be given the change to enter the CyberSafe Futures Giveaway. 

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Cyber Survivor Challenge: Cyberbullying

18 thoughts on “Are You Cyber Smart? Check out BGCA’s #CyberSafe Futures Initiative & Teen #CyberTribe #Sponsored #MC

  1. It is so hard to protect our kids from everything, especially with all the smart devices that we have so little control over. We have been blessed and have not had this type of issue but I have heard horror stories from friends that have had to deal with it.

  2. This was always something I was super cautious about. Kids just aren’t mature enough to understand the real dangers.

  3. My ten year old gets online from time to time. I don’t have to worry about him much but I am sure within only a couple of years I will have to keep tabs on his internet.

  4. The internet can be a dangerous place, especially for kids. Any initiative to keep kids safer online is good in my opinion!

  5. Thanks for sharing, its really good for parents to stay up to date on internet security and protecting their children.

  6. The internet can be such a scary place 🙁 I got myself into so right tangles as a teen and it has advanced so far since then I couldn’t imagine what it is like now as a teen. x

  7. This is so important… yes, they have social media, and even disappearing messaging available nowadays, so it is crucial to talk to them about being safe.

  8. BGCA does such amazing work with kids and teens. I think it’s great that they’re helping parents learn more about staying safe online.

  9. Kids are getting on the internet at such a young age now. It’s so scary! If parents are letting their kids on the net at such young age, they really need to stay on top of their child’s actives online. Because regular bullies are not enough now parents have to worry about cyber bullies! Glad to know there are programs out there to teach parents about the reality of it all.

  10. What a wonderful cause! My kids are just getting to the age where they can do stuff online independently and I am nervous.

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