Veterans Day Parade (Branson CVB Photo)

The Veterans Memorial Garden (Branson CVB Photo)
The Veterans Memorial Garden (Branson CVB Photo)

Branson Honors Veterans Every Day!

One of the things that I really loved about Branson was the patriotic nature of the entire community. From Silver Dollar City’s “Celebrate America” theme to the Showboat Branson Belle’s “Made in the USA” theme to Branson Landing‘s “Star Spangled Banner” water, light and fire show three times per day to the requests for Veterans to stand during a patriotic song at the end of almost every show we attended; Branson Honors Veterans Every Day

This was really something that neither myself nor my husband who is a United States Army Veteran realized before we went to visit. We later learned that Branson is home to the largest Veteran’s Day celebration in the Country but by that time we weren’t surprised! We had already seen first hand just how much Branson respects, and honors, our Veterans.

They even have a wonderful Veteran’s Memorial Museum that we’ll be visiting when we go back to Branson! has a great list of events celebrating our Veterans here but also explains that “Branson Honors Veterans Every Day!” Read a snippet from their page below – 

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Branson salutes our veterans and active-duty armed forces year-round.

Their service, commitment and ultimate sacrifice is honored with multiple special events, warm welcomes and VIP treatment. Men and women veterans and active duty personnel from all branches and from all wars, conflicts and peacetime service are appreciated in the Branson/Lakes Area every day of the year.

In keeping with a long tradition of gratitude, many of the area shows recognize veterans, military personnel and their families through special patriotic musical numbers. Frequently the entire audience gives a resounding round of applause to say “Welcome Home” and “Thank You.” This commitment to honoring veterans can also be seen at area attractions, restaurants, museums and other businesses in a variety of ways.

Branson also hosts hundreds of military reunions. Military reunion groups often say that Branson is their #1 destination of choice.

Veterans Day Parade (Branson CVB Photo)
Veterans Day Parade (Branson CVB Photo)

My Veteran Husband Thinks Everyone Should #ExploreBranson

My husband served for over 12 years in the United States Army. In fact, he was stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for 10 of those years! Not only am I extremely proud of him, but I had to share with you something he wrote in a comment on my Google+ page in response to one of my posts about Branson.

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]have to say that I’ve never been so welcomed by such a patriotic community! I was just expecting to be a “regular” guy out on a business “vacation.”

I was then made to feel like an appreciated veteran in all the venues I attended in Branson. I was asked to stand up, raise my hand and even patted on the back prior to most events and recognized as a veteran. I had to swallow my pride as this kind of thing can really go to a guys head.

Seriously though, the patriotism, community, hospitality and the welcoming attitude made this an experience to talk about for a long time to come. As a matter of fact, as I’ve recounted my adventure at work several times, they all asked for more information. So thank you Erica for inviting me and thank you Branson for making me feel like I was home. For this, I salute you both! Godspeed!

My husband and I posing with Showboat's Janice Martin, Aerial Violinist and US Army Veteran. She did her basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood where Rick was stationed for over 10 years!
My husband and I posing with the Showboat Branson Belle’s Janice Martin, Super talented performer, Aerial Violinist and US Army Veteran. She did her basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood where Rick was stationed for over 10 years!

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Disclosure: I was invited to Branson on a press trip. However, this specific post is not a requirement of the terms of my press trip. I really just wanted to share this information from a Veteran’s point of view. We are both so happy to talk about how Branson honors Veterans every day!

19 thoughts on “Branson Honors Veterans Every Day! Read Why My Veteran Husband Thinks Everyone Should #ExploreBranson

  1. Yep- I’ve added Branson to my list of places to travel! I loved all the pictures you shared on Instagram. It’s funny, Branson is like one of those places you never really hear about, but its packed with tons of things to do. It looks like you had a great time too!

  2. Best post ever! I LOVE Branson and we are actually going there in a few weeks. Can’t wait to do my own post on this amazing place!

  3. I hear Branson is a great place to visit! My family is from St. Louis and that’s the only city I’ve been to in Missouri.

  4. A big thank you goes out to your husband for his service!

    My parents and siblings have all been to Branson more than once. I really need to make my way there for a vacation. It looks like there is so much to do.

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