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How Divorce Can Be a Teaching Aid To Your Child As You Help Them Through This Difficult Time

Learn the ways divorce can be a teaching aid to your child as you help them through this difficult time. Though, the end of a marriage is a sad time for everyone involved, it does not have to traumatize your child. No matter what personal issues you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are going through with each other, take time to understand what co-parenting is really about by helping your youngster learn a few valuable lessons from this experience.

How to Workout Differences

One of the hardest things about co-parenting is to plan for rules and consequences in two different households. Many experts state to create a consistent environment in both, but it is not always possible to accomplish this. The breakdown of your marriage may have made you realize you have to make some changes in your life, including how you parent. If the other parent doesn’t agree to these changes, you cannot force your values on another home. Sometimes, there will be different rules at your home versus your ex-spouses, and it is okay. Just make sure you both discuss this with your child. Reiterate that it does not mean one parent is wrong and the other is right, it just means they both have opposing views on some things. Teach your children to work out differences in a respectful way, and how agreeing to disagree doesn’t mean you undervalue the other person’s choices.

How to Choose Healthy Relationships

Depending on the age of your child, there will be questions coming up regarding why the marriage ended. You do not have to go into details about blame. Teach your child about privacy regarding intimate relationships, and how those spreading their drama on social media sites and in other ways are not respecting their partners or themselves. No matter what, ensure your child knows the relationship between parents has nothing to do with the relationship between parent and child. In any future dating adventures, choose those who meet your child wisely. Show how important it is to take time in picking out a life partner.

How Relationships Can Change

Use this time to show your child relationships can change and evolve and to not be scared of reevaluating a person’s place in your life. Teach your child people will change and, sometimes, change roles in life. It doesn’t mean you care less, just because you care in a different way.

Handle Custody and Child Support Carefully

To make sure your family isn’t ripped apart, talking with a child support attorney in Greenville or one that might be local to you, would be a good idea. If you really want to be able to use divorce as a teaching aid, you don’t want them to be wondering which parent they’re staying with on a daily basis or hearing you and your spouse argue about who is paying for what and when.