success in youth

Creative Opportunities for Optimal Performance (CO-OP) is a program designed to foster success through creative performance skills in youth. In 2011 when the “Create It” Theatre program was born, the team behind the program designed it with success in mind. Starting with an innovative program, add a loving team and you have the made for success program that is the rave in the Gwinnett County area of Atlanta. 

The CO-OP uses a mixture of games, creativity, and ‘cooperation’ to boost confidence and promote success in youth.   The CO-OP instructors are hand-picked and must come with a loving heart towards youth.  This allows freedom for the youth to be themselves and gives them the confidence to learn. The CO-OP has one rule which is to deliver excellence because anything less would be unacceptable and anything more would be unrealistic.   

By donating to the Kickstarter campaign, you can get in on the process of expanding a great program that promotes success in youth. They’ll also have a launch party and you can attend if you would like!

Check out the CO-OP Kickstarter page here