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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]rying to find great apps for moms or kids can be hard with so many available. That’s why I’ve partnered with Apparoo – the app discovery service for busy moms. Each week I’ll be sharing the ‘Apparoo App of the Week’ with you.
Very often they’ve negotiated to bring you great paid apps at heavily discounted rates and sometimes even free. I’m very excited about this and welcome your feedback on the apps you decide to install.

Blinkbuggy “The Baby Book Reinvented”

How do we always find time to post super-adorable kid pictures on Facebook, but somehow never get that long-planned baby book done?

Well, guilt-trip no more. Blinkbuggy is an online baby book that puts all your photos, milestones and funny stories in one place – and it’s as easy as a status update.

You can keep it completely private, link to social media (it can even grab the photos you’ve already posted), or share with whomever you choose – great for grandparents!

These precious years will disappear faster than that photo you posted last month, so don’t spend another moment procrastinating.

Create an enduring – and endearing – album with Blinkbuggy online and in print! 



Download it here.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Apparoo. I’m excited to share these great apps with you! 


Up for Discussion: Leave me a comment telling my one of your favorite entries into one of your children’s baby books. Don’t have kids (or a baby book for them) then tell me about your own baby book! Do you still have it?

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  1. Looks like a cool app. I wish this app was around when my children were younger, I could’ve used it to make my baby books.

  2. This is so cool! I take a ton of photos of my daughter and always scramble to email them to myself or upload to my computer. This is a great way to share them with family and friends!

  3. This looks really cool! I would love to have everything in one place, but also secure for family and close friends to see.

  4. The baby book idea sounds really interesting. I made one BEFORE My son was born, so all I had to do was insert photos. A second child migh tnot be that lucky.

  5. This is better than the index cards that I used for my son! (Poor thing!) Maybe I should download it and give it a shot!

  6. What a lovely sounding application – I’ll have to let a friend know about it I think she would love it 🙂 X

  7. Wow, now that is a cute and clever app! I love the idea of this, my cousin just had a baby this week! She needs to know about this, must share! Thanks 😉

  8. I tried really hard to keep up with my first son’s baby book. I did a good job early on and started to fall behind after a couple of years. Same with my second son. I do have their hair from their first hair cuts though.

    1. Great question. I went to their FAQ’s and found this- Can I export my memories from Blinkbuggy? Yes! Our philosophy is that the memories you put up on Blinkbuggy are yours and Blinkbuggy was designed with that in mind. We added the ability for you to export all of your memories to a file on your computer at any time. This is great for backups and making sure that you have another layer of control and protection to keep your memories safe. You’ll find the “Export” function on the bottom of your “Account Settings” page. For more detail, see our blog post here

    2. Hi Jenn! This is Emma from Blinkbuggy. Good question! Yes, Erica is right that you can always export all of your memories at anytime. Another way to preserve them is to use the book printing option from your computer. When you login to Blinkbuggy on the web from your computer, all the memories you added via the app will be there waiting for you(!) and they can be easily printed into beautiful memory books. They will also continue to live in your account online and maybe one day you pass the account along to your child…!

  9. That’s a useful app!! Especially with the holidays coming up. I take so many pics during the holidays, it’d be nice to print them right up instead of procrastinating (not that I do that 😉 ).

  10. I’m a horrible person that hasn’t done a baby book for either child! (My mother tells me weeekly). She still has mine that she did for me.

  11. I think this would be SO convenient! My kid’s baby books got less attention than I would have liked because back then I had to have pictures developed, paste them to the scrapbook page after the three day wait at Walgreens….I wish this had been around so I would have more updates and photos from when they were babies.

  12. An online baby book. What a great idea and one where you might just keep it updated. I will have to pass this info on to a few friends that are expecting.

  13. I am sitting here laughing as I read this. Right next to me is a box of photos of my oldest son that I have been planning to put into a photo book. He is 17 – a bit before all the digital so I have that as my excuse. I think this app would be great to use.

  14. This is such a cool way to find new apps. There are so many to wade through that this makes it much easier!

  15. this app sounds perfect for me! I just recently updated my daughters baby book and it’s been a couple years since I updated my sons.

  16. I saw another friend blogger of mine mentioning this the other day but didn’t really pay attention to it. I think it’s something that my sister-in-law would like for my nephew 🙂

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