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Goodnight Lad, Augmented Reality Children’s Books

On April 2nd, 2014, Hidden Worlds launched their Kickstarter campaign for Goodnight Lad, an exciting new way to read books. Using an augmented reality app, the book comes to life with 3D animations that bring a whole new world to the story. This is a remarkable new experience and is sure to have kids bouncing in their chairs with excitement to discover the next page.

A sample app, and a page from the book, has been provided to display the technology in action. The sample page shows a tireless child banging drums, partying, and being tickled by his loving parents. By pointing the app at the book the scene comes to life in a convincing way that will drop your jaw and leave you amazed. The pages show the excited boy dancing, jumping, and playing the drums, leaves blowing in the breeze, and even a small car that drives on a road that appears glued to the edge of the page.

The book itself is a story that parents will understand all too well, of a boy who should be going to bed, but just doesn’t get tired. It features a great rhythm and rhyme that fits the fun nature of the story. It tells of two parents that travel around the world trying to wear him out until, against their best efforts, he turns into a beast. Just when it appears all is lost they get him back to bed, just in the nick of time.

The Kickstarter funds will be used to finish the animations, print the book, and deliver copies to backers doors. There are a variety of fun backing levels that include matching pajamas with the boy in the book, and even the opportunity to have yourself immortalized in 3D visible on the back cover.

Check out the project here: Goodnight Lad Kickstarter or download the Android Demo and visit the Website

 My goal is to use technology to encourage kids to read.

– Bradley Grimm, Creator of Goodnight Lad

47 thoughts on “Goodnight Lad is a New Way to Read Children’s Books #KidsApps #Kickstarter

  1. this is very interesting… I’m just THAT mom that won’t let her kids touch my phone.. cause it’s ‘mine’ 😉 Too many ‘accidents’ w the first kid.. I’ve learned my lesson.

  2. I wish this type of thing had been available when my girls were toddlers. They probably would have engaged with it better.

  3. Bedtime struggles are a common thing around here. We have a 3 year old who loves to stall. An interactive story at bedtime may help!

  4. What a wonderful read and activity for little minds, I just love this! I know a little someone who would adore this, thanks for sharing!

    1. My kids always did too- of course that was mostly books on a CD that you could listen to while reading the hard copy- nothing compared to what is available now!

  5. Anything to get kids excited to read is a win in my book. Ha! see what I did there? Not even on purpose!! But for real- some kids are a hard sell for reading. ANyTHING that helps them love it!

  6. What an awesome project! I definitely need to give to it. My husband has created some augmented reality children’s apps. I love this technology!

  7. That is such a neat way to bring a book to life! I hope they get all the funding they need to make the whole project happen.

    1. I think so too. I always try to support the ones that I really like with posts like this one. I can’t always contribute to everyone with money but this way hopefully I can help them find interested backers!

  8. oooo that looks so neat! I’m going to head over and check out the Kickstarter now!!

  9. This looks really really neat!! I’ll have to try this out with my kiddos. SO fun!

  10. Wow, this would be a great way to encourage kids to want to read even more. Kiddo would’ve been extremely excited about this when he were younger. This will definitely be amazing!

  11. My niece loves reading books on my sister’s app. She really likes the ones where she can get the book physically and it has a companion app to go along with it.

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