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My New Blogger Business Cards

I love my new business cards even if I’m not entirely sold on my own design. Sighhh. I definitely tried to put all of the information I though I needed on here, and I succeeded. But, I also ended up with a QR Code that is way too small and an overall really cluttered card.  

I had these printed to bring with me for iRetreat2014 (which I am getting overly excited about! A little over two months away!). As a blogger, business cards are important for networking with other bloggers and the great brands that you will run into at conferences like iRetreat and other events and even in your personal life. 

So, I’d love your thoughts. Since I received these cards for free- should I use and keep them (I have 1,000 of them!) or just suck it up, redesign them and place a new order? Feel free to be brutally honest! Displaying biz card buteau final.jpg

Mommy Cards are Fun! 

If you’ve ever picked up your child at school and scrambled to find a pen and a piece of paper to exchange numbers with their new bestie’s parent, you might need a Mommy Card! I think this is so cute and fun and a great way to network with fellow moms from school, the park, in the neighborhood, at sport events and anywhere else you might cross paths with a fellow mom! 

Mommy cards are great not just for setting up play dates, but also for leaving contact info for your babysitter, giving to neighbors, sharing with friends and family, keeping in diaper bags and other items in case they are lost, when you drop your child off at a birthday party, just for fun and for safety. Add a photo of your child and your contact info- if they were ever to get lost you could hand the cards out quickly. 

mommy cards

 ePrintFast Business Cards

I ordered my cards on March 17th, I received a tracking number on March 20th and my order was delivered via UPS on March 24th. I think that is a pretty good turn around time for 1,000 cards printed, cut, packaged and shipped. 
The quality of the cards is really impressive. They are glossy, the ink doesn’t smear at all and they are nice and sturdy. I opted for the standard paper and coating (specs below) because, even after working for a few months at a printing company, I still really had no clue about paper weights and coatings! 

The ordering process was really easy and I was able to get the dimensions for printing just right thanks to their custom template. I will definitely reorder from ePrint Fast again! 



I used PicMonkey to design my business cards and my mommy cards. 

I also use PicMonkey to edit most of the images you see on this site. 

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win


58 thoughts on “Mommy Cards, Blogger Business Cards and More! ePrintFast Business Cards #Review

  1. I’ve never thought of the idea of a mommy card, it really is a great idea. I have blogger business cards but I like the idea of just having important information on a card that isn’t focused on my blog

  2. I’m of the thought that no one should call you Mommy but who you have MADE! I do have business cards for my son, with my phone number and a cute fact about him – we include them in gifts and cards!

  3. Oh wow, I can’t believe how affordable they are. I just got business cards done for my hubs and they cost about 4 times that price. Yikes! I’ll be ordering mine soon, will DEF be checking them out!

  4. I need to order some new business cards. I have some for my personal chef business but not for my blog. I wonder if I should combine the two or would that be TMI.

  5. You will LOVE iRetreat! I’ve attended the past two years (when it was still called Reviewers Retreat) and am sad I won’t be able to make the journey to it this year. The business cards look really good too – perfect for the conference!

  6. Those came out so nice! I need to order some new cards. Wow, I never thought about mommy cards before. That’s a great idea.

  7. Mommy cards sound like a fun idea! My kids are homeschooled, but it would be fun for them to have for the friends they make in extracurricular activities!

  8. I’m getting ready to order new cards- maybe I’ll try them out. Thank you for the recommendation!

  9. Your blogger card wouldn’t load for me! I love the mommy card though. The teachers all know me at my sibs school…… Not necessarily for the best reason. Lol. Let’s just say we have conferences a lot

  10. These are really nice! Plus it reminds me that I need to get some business cards before I go to a conference in a couple of weeks.

  11. I have never seen mommy cards before, that is so cute. How often are we at the park and do not have a way to write down our information. We could put those in our phone cases and just hand it out. I need new business cards so I will check them out for that as well.

  12. Your cards turned out perfectly. I think it is about time that I order some new business cards. so I will definitely have to check out their selection.

  13. I would continue to use them. I have a few hundred blogger cards and even used one tonight when I was out with friends (a stranger started talking to us and wanted to know more about my blog.) I love my cards!

  14. I have blog cards. But I also have Mommy Cards. They are great t leave with my kids at a birthday party or playdate so I can be reached easily.

  15. I have been thinking about ordering business cards so I’ll check these out. I don’t have a need for mommy cards since my kids are much older but I love the idea for younger families.

  16. You wanted brutally honest so I’m giving you my real opinion. I think your kids are very cute, but it’s your blog and your picture should be on the card rather than them. I also think you need to make your domain clear, more so than on the email address. Aside from that, love the design!

    1. Thanks, Ronnie I do appreciate your feedback. There are two separate cards here- one, on the top of the post is the blog business card with my site info and all of my social media sites and includes my picture as well as a picture of my family. The second card is a Mommy Card- designed for giving out to family, friends and for exchanging contact info with other parents at parks, birthday parties, school events, etc.

  17. Love the pics of your kids on the Mommy Card! I’d totally take these with me on the playground or anywhere else my son and I go to give out to moms I end up chatting with.

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