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What Every Mom Needs in the Kitchen

Whether your doing a remodel, building a brand new home, or maybe you’re a newlywed. Knowing your way around the kitchen has a whole new meaning these days. Planning is your most valuable tool when it comes to the design and functionality of today’s modern kitchens. So how do you combine practicality with personal style in your most lived in room?

Countertops Are King

The more working space, the better. With all the options available, stone and granite countertops in Illinois will be the best for withstanding the test of time and the regular wear and tear that comes with a kitchen space. Tile can also be a good choice as long as it doesn’t chip or have bad grouting.

Kitchen Storage

Cabinets should be plentiful, spacious, and easy to reach. Not only will quality cabinetry keep you organized, your kitchen will be uncluttered and easier to clean. Choosing options like divided storage drawers, pull-out shelving, two tiered corner units with lazy Susan’s, and deep drawers. Custom cabinetmakers can design creative islands, appliance ‘garages’, and handy, concealed built-ins for a true marriage of form and function.

Dealing with Disposal

Keep the waste away. Besides the typical garbage disposal, consider a trash compactor to condense and keep trash out of sight. With recycling, consider incorporating bin storage into your cabinetry. It not only saves the planet, but is very convenient for busy cooks.

Complementing Appliances

Don’t skimp on appliances. Unless you are updating your avocado green, or harvest gold kitchen, the look of your appliances needs to complement the rest of your kitchen design. Opt for built-in or matching cabinet panel overlays on large appliances which make them blend in or conceal totally. Many residential homes are installing commercial grade appliances for home cooks. If you plan on someday selling your home, a more neutral color palate and conservative styling will bring more curb appeal than trendy tones and quirky hardware.

Checking the Trends

Check out new options gaining popularity quickly, and for good reason. Items like warming drawers (great for parties), double ovens, pull out or pull down faucets or even over the stove faucets, tray storage racks, and drawer dishwashers are fabulous time saving innovations and are becoming more commonplace.

Work from home? How about a coffee bar next to your kitchen media center? Don’t forget utensil and pot racks, a brilliant choice for added convenience as well as freeing up cabinet space.

Evaluating your existing kitchen uses and needs surely goes a long way to deciding your future kitchen qualities. From granite counters to coffee pots, kitchens have it all. Function doesn’t have to be utilitarian. Use your styling skills to make a brilliant room you won’t mind using on a daily basis.

31 thoughts on “Function vs. Fashion: What Every Mom Needs in the Kitchen

    1. I have been strongly advocating for an island in my kitchen for over a year. My husbands thinks people will just bang into it and it will be in the way. I disagree. Plus, we have a built in dishwasher waiting patiently to be installed with no space. The island would accommodate that perfectly!

    1. I did a semi-remodel. Took out all of the old cabinets, old cracked farmer’s sink and base cabinets and replaced with new, replaced the floor and lighting and redid the walls. But I’m still not thrilled. I’m thinking of an island but my husband doesn’t love the idea. We’ll see!

  1. Storage is so important! Useful storage! Our kitchen appears to have lots of storage but most is up high where you cannot access it. Great tips!

    1. My kitchen is currently in a state of frustration. I’m thinking about adding an island but the hubs is against the idea. We will see who shall win the battle!

  2. For me storage is the biggest thing. Everything in the kitchen where you need it. No fun having to run all around to get the stuff you need while cooking

    1. I’m so glad you bring up the counter space Terri! It really is great to have lots of it! I have a fair amount. Of course, my own kitchen is a little smaller than I would like it to be!

  3. It’s a daily struggle to keep up with the kitchen that I don’t pay attention to the type of appliances I need like I should. I think about buying stuff for the kitchen at the last minute when I need it like I need muffin tins, pans, and mixing bowls. When I’m at the store do you think those things are on my mind no I’m trying to remember the bread and milk

  4. The trend I want for my kitchen is a “invection oven.” I’ve seen them at Lowe’s and they’re so cool and handy! This is a great list- countertops really are king.

  5. I thought trash compactors were a thing of the past. My grandparents house and our rental house had a garbage compactor in it and we use to like using it. It’s nice to know they are still around.

  6. We had granite countertops installed and I absolutely love them. Unfortunately, we have limited storage and that’s the biggest pitfall.

  7. I just went from a huge kitchen with lots of space to a rental home with a small small kitchen. All your points are definitely true and I miss having room to work to create meals. I can not wait until our house sells so I can find a house with a BIG kitchen – lots of storage, etc.

  8. My parents just re-did their kitchen and should have done some more research. They weren’t really happy with the outcome. i feel bad they spent all that money to not like it. These are good tips! My tip would be to ditch the garbage disposal. They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

  9. We are four weeks in to remodeling our kitchen. We completely gutted our kitchen and moved windows. I now have everything picked out and we are just waiting for the cabinets to be finished. Hopefully mine will be a well functioning kitchen.

  10. We’re definitely lacking in kitchen storage. When we purchased our house we thought we had more than enough. 3 years later, and we’re busting at the seams!

  11. Those are all great things to have in the kitchen! Especially countertop space! Nothing is more frustrating than not having any space to work with!

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