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vocabulary is important

The Importance of Vocabulary

Despite what my children think (that vocabulary skills exercises were designed solely to make their writing hands “fall off”), it really is important to increase your vocabulary. For children, the reasons can be somewhat obvious in that they need to learn particular skills to be able to communicate with others. But, once we have the basics down it’s still a good idea to build upon that foundation. 

Brain training and mind strengthening exercises really do keep our brains healthy! I personally enjoy good old fashioned crossword puzzle books. But, those are becoming harder and harder to find and when I’m on the go I typically don’t carry them with me! For those times, I love to play word games like Letroca on my iPhone or, if I happen to have it with me, my iPad. And, don’t worry! The Google Play store has the app as well! You can also play it on Facebook, here

Wikipedia on Vocabulary Skills;

  • An extensive vocabulary aids expression and communication.
  • Vocabulary size has been directly linked to reading comprehension. 
  • Linguistic vocabulary is synonymous with thinking vocabulary. 
  • A person may be judged by others based on his or her vocabulary.
  • Wilkinson (1972) once said,” Without grammar, very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed.”

Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary Skills

  • Reading online, reading offline, reading easy books, reading difficult books. Just read! 
  • Look up any words you don’t recognize! Dictionaries weren’t just designed for a child’s weekly spelling and vocabulary list. 
  • Playing Word Games
  • Writing

About the Letroca App letroca makes learning fun


Letroca was created several years ago by some of the founders of Fanatee. The goal of the game is simple: score the most points by forming different word combinations using the letters available. With the birth of the company in 2013, the team decided to re-launch the game, but with some improvements. Letroca turned polyglot and can now be played in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The evolution of social networks also left its mark on Letroca, allowing players to connect their Facebook accounts to share scores and play with friends. New game modes were also developed. Ha8ve you played Letroca today.

— Featured as Best of App Store 2013 —

Play Letroca and find as many words as you can using the letters available. The more words you find the more points you get. Play in 3 different game modes!

Think fast and expand your vocabulary. Get the whole family to join in!

How do you work on your vocabulary skills?

27 thoughts on “Expand Your Vocabulary Skills with the Letroca App

  1. Just downloaded this on my Android phone 🙂 Thanks for sharing it– love games that actually make you think and use the brain.

  2. This seems like such a cool app! I’m always looking for fun word apps to download because as a writer I need ways to strengthen my vocabulary! Great post.

  3. Lately I have not and feel I am repeating my words and not looking all that creative haha I do like to consult a thesaurus though . This looks like a fun way to improve (Kim)

  4. I like that! I play word games with my children and I also openly use big, unusual words with them to inspire them to pick up new things. Imagine how surprised people were to hear my 2 year old accurately using the word “awkward” lol. I loved it.

  5. Hadn’t heard of this one and looks very useful. Let’s see if I can get the kids to try it out!

  6. That app is right up my alley! I love apps that focus on vocabulary, words, anything having to do with speech. Letroca sounds like such a great app!

  7. I haven’t done anything for my word skills in years. I’m in college, blog, have two kids in school and run a nonprofit. My vocab gets a pretty good workout.

  8. This sounds like a great app. I know my Dad loves things like this because he has read how it helps to slow down or prevent dementia. I will have to share this with him.

  9. I have never heard of this game though it is one I would probably enjoy. I will go check it out, I love playing games that are a bit challenging just to stay sharp.

  10. It’s funny because since I became a mom, I feel like my vocabulary skills have dropped dramatically. Time to brush up!

  11. Never too late to keep training the brain! I use some app forgot what it’s called ( oy a lot of great training it’s done for memory eh?) I love using brain games though they are fun and you learn new stuff

  12. I have to agree. It’s like, you have to keep doing something to enhance it. Same with the use of vocabs.

  13. One of the reason I started writing and blogging was to improve my vocabulary. Thanks for the information about this app. I will definitely check it out.

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