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Tame Even the Wildest Carpet Stains! 

♫♫♫ I lost my poor meatball, When somebody sneezed. ♫♫♫ I can’t help it. Whenever I’m thinking of carpet stains and meatballs this little tune starts playing in the back of my head. Lucky for me, (and for you!) Spot Shot really does work on carpet stains- even those pesky cheese and sauce covered meatball stains. 

I might even say that if shrimpanzees and hippotatomuses fell to the carpet Spot Shot would clean up those stains, too! Lucky for us Spot Shot and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 have teamed up!

Right now if you purchase Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 on BlueRay or DVD in specially marked packages you’ll get a free can of specially-marked Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover – the only product that can clean up a pesky “foodimal” mess.

I suspect if you’re purchasing this movie and have carpets you’re pretty likely to need Spot Shot at one point or another! Just be careful to test for colorfastness. I have a really dark gray- black carpet and I can’t use Spot Shot on that. However, it’s perfect for all of the throw rugs in my house!

I have one particular throw rug in front of my kitchen sink where everything seems to get dropped and it’s a pain to wash that particular rug all of the time since it’s rather large. Spot Shot worked perfectly and even took up some of the older stains the washer missed! 

Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover 

Sony Pictures Animation’s “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” is now available on BLU-RAY™ COMBO PACK and DVD at authorized retailers including Walmart, Target and Kroegers – and Spot Shot is giving away a copy to one of my readers on DVD and a can of Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover.

If you’re familiar with “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” movie, you know Flint Lockwood’s invention – a machine that turns water into food – now creates food animals called foodimals. (If you are unfamiliar you should definitely watch both Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 and 2. My kids and I all love these movies! 

What will it take to tame the foodimals in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and your wildest carpet stains? Swallow Fall’s hero Flint and Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover! With Flint and friends saving the day against terrifying tacodiles, shrimpanzees, apple piethons, and double bacon cheespiders, there’s bound to be thrills, spills and stains as they leave a messy trail. – and Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover is the only product to clean it up!

Spot Shot is the leading carpet stain remover and odor eliminator. It instantly eliminates the toughest carpet stains – even old stains – and it works great on pet stains, coffee, spaghetti sauce, grease and oil, marker, wine, and more!

Watch the Sony Pictures’ Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 Trailer

Spot Shot and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 Giveaway

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50 thoughts on “Tame Even the Wildest Carpet Stains! Spot Shot and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 #Giveaway

  1. Oye. Let’s see… child urine, dog urine, cat urine… hmmm… then there is the dining room that is carpeted!!! (Seriously, who carpets a dining room!?) Needless to say, we have stains! LOL

  2. DVDs and stain removers. Interesting combo! With two kids, I could definitely use a good spot cleaner for the carpet. They’re just too good at making messes.

  3. I saw the preview for this movie when watching Smurfs 2 in the theater and it seemed like a really cute movie. It’s brilliant marketing to pair a movie with a product. Sounds like a great product too.

  4. The hardest stains for me are pet stains! Whether the dogs and cats are peeing/pooping or tracking in dirt/mud, it’s so hard to get out of the carpet. Maybe Spot Shot will be able to help ’cause it’s a big job here.

  5. I’ve never heard of Spot Shot but seriously; that is the best marketing. Including Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! I LOVE it! I would seriously give it a try with Flint Lockwood’s picture there! lol. -Amber

  6. I love this movie so good and wow I need spot remover for sure. the hardest spot I have found are the ones my cats make when they pot a hairball.

  7. We have kids and animals which means stains unless you stay on top of all of them. I have not heard of Spot Shot and will have to look for it when I go to the store.

  8. I have a tendency to spill my coffee when I carry it from one room to another. I have several little coffee stains in my light beige carpet. ugh.

  9. I only have carpet in the bedrooms but I would love something like this to help fight the “pet accidents.” Especially sick pets.

  10. I haven’t seen either of the movies yet, but I sure loved the book. I also like the way Spot Shot cleans my carpets. It’s a help in emergencies!

  11. We had baby blue carpet installed in my son’s room when it was still the nursery. It had stainguard, but there has been a stain on it for a couple of years now that is just plain awful. I put a rug on top of it so no one knows, but I know. I’d love to try the Spot Shot on it, and see if it would take it out.

  12. Spot Shot is SO handy! My dad dips snuff and bought beige carpets, so I go through a lot of carpet cleaner lol.

  13. My husbands grandmother used to use this on spots on her carpet , it worked really well. As for the movie I haven’t seen either of them but they look pretty adorable.

  14. I have 3 dogs, so their stains are hard to remove! Especially the vomit stains! I do love Spot Shot though. They are great at getting out the really tough ones!

  15. I have the hardest time getting stains out of the couch from the dogs! They make a huge mess! Ps. I love Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2!!

  16. I’ve used that stuff before, it works great! Totally appropriate that you can get it with Cloudy 2, since that’s all about crazy food incidents!

  17. I have 2 young children and 2 dogs that are always leaving messes. I need to pick up some Spot Shot actually while I’m out at the store today!

  18. well, since we have one dog, one cat and one 4 year old, we have MANY stains to battle. The toughest stain for us to get out are miscellaneous daycare stains! Such as finger paints, foods, etc

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  19. I have two boys and the worst spots are from random food and drinks dropped on the carpet. They know there’s no eating in the living room but some how these spots appear. It’s a mystery. =)

  20. The stains I have the hardest time with is dog urine on my carpet its such a pain

  21. When my daughter has movie night with her little friends we always end up with something smeared in the living room carpet. Usually hot coco or some kind of chocolate. So hard to get out after it dries.

  22. This product looks awesome! We have twin daughters – so lots of stains happen, from spilled drinks, food, dirt from shoes, etc.

  23. My husband brings home grease on his boots from work. It gets on the carpet and I can’t get it out!!!

  24. I might have some kids who bring dirt and leaves in on their shoes no matter how many times we ask them to wipe their feet. And the dog does it too!

  25. When my dog tracks in mud I have trouble cleaning that up. I also have trouble cleaning up juice stains.

  26. I have four children ages 12,8,5, and 3. I have lost count of all the stains I have to deal with. LOL!!! Chocolate, juices and sauces are always the most difficult to tackle. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  27. usually grass and dirt, my niece and nephew like to play hard! – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  28. We have a big garage and truckin business here and the toughest stain is grease… Truck grease

  29. I have trouble fighting oil stains. When we fry things, the oil pops and it gets on me!

  30. I have trouble fighting grass stains. We get lots of grass stains with four active kids.

  31. I have trouble getting up red juice stains and dirt (maybe grease) stains. My current method of removing stains isn’t working.

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