5 Challenges Of Raising Young Children That No One Ever Told You About
While getting the advice from others and reading as much as possible about parenting is helpful, nothing can truly prepare you for the demands of motherhood. Raising young children is very rewarding, but it can also be a challenge. Here are five challenges of parenting young children that no one ever told you about, but are important to be aware of:

Terrible Threes

You know that two-year-olds can be very difficult, and this is the age when they transform from an easy baby to a challenging toddler. They’re willful, demanding, and can burst into tears over the slightest disappointment. This state of affairs doesn’t end on the third birthday. As the child develops, so does his or her capacity for outbursts. The crying bouts of younger children can turn into full-blown tantrums. What’s more, increased verbal ability means that outbursts are accompanied by complaints that can make any parent feel guilty. As your child tests his or her boundaries, it’s important to stand firm. Rather than warning about time-outs for unacceptable behavior, simply put him or her there. Once the youngster has calmed, be the loving, supportive parent again.

Traveling Light-Weight Is a Thing of the Past

Before baby, it was an easy thing to make a trip to the grocery store or the seashore. All you had to do was put together a few necessities and head out, and the biggest concern was remembering to pack the sunscreen and either fill up the car with gas or arrange for transportation to the airport. But once you have children, all their paraphernalia stretches the limits of your vehicle’s capacity or the airline’s weight limits. You can lighten the load by purchasing snacks and diapers at your destination instead of over-packing these items.

Peer Pressure

As soon as youngsters interact and play with other kids, they naturally want to follow their lead. Be prepared for jumping on the furniture or any other taboo activity that a friend encourages. Your post-toddler is ready for reinforcement of the rules and explanations for their reasons.

Dentist Phobia

It’s normal for older babies and toddlers to give medical caregivers angry looks while clinging to a parent. However, this mistrust doesn’t always end with toddlerhood. Dentists evoke as much fear in little people as they do in many adults. A caring pediatric dentist can go a long way towards making the experience a comfortable, pleasant one for the youngest patients. Click here to learn more about a dentist that is experienced in working with kids and can help everyone feel at east. It’s important to choose kid-friendly dentists that can help a child feel less nervous about the whole ordeal.

Bedtime Isn’t Always Sleep Time

Bedtime is winding-down time. A story, a favorite song, or listening to your child talk about whatever comes to mind can send him or her off to happy dreamland. Reassuring children that there aren’t any monsters or other scary things hiding under their bed will help everyone sleep better. Help your child understand that going to bed means falling asleep by allowing a small snack or drink of water, followed by going to the bathroom. That way, they aren’t constantly getting up every few minutes asking for something else.

If parents are prepared to expect the unexpected, early childhood can be precious and enjoyable years of discovery for grownups and kids alike. Enjoy the journey while it lasts.

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