Spring is almost here which means Spring Break vacation, nicer weather, and finding new outdoor activities to do with your kids.  Here are two fun gift ideas that will help your family bond, have a ton of fun, and create lifelong memories this spring.

A Photo to Remember With Matching Family Pajamas

If your family is taking a spring trip, matching family pajamas are the perfect gift to surprise them with before you head off.  When everyone is finished eating dinner you can bring out dessert, but instead of having a cake, pie or something else in the box, everyone will find a pair of footed pajamas or union suits for the family.  Why is this a cool gift for the family?  Because it creates a funny photo that can become a family tradition. 

During your trip, have everyone change into their matching pajamas and either stand in front of a window with a nice view, go down to the beach, or even just create a funny pose for the picture.  When the holidays come, you can reuse these pajamas or find another set to make a new fun photo, and when you go on your next vacation, you can also take a new one.  Pretty soon you’ll have a funny photo album to share when the kids get older, a great tradition to look back on.  Because the pajamas are super comfy, they can be used on a regular basis making them a practical gift as well.  If your kids go off to college and take the PJs with them, every time they wear the pajamas they’ll think of home, the photos, and hopefully remember to call and check in.  You can find a great selection of family pajamas at stores like and sometimes when you search

Superhero Fitness Awards

Many new superhero movies will be coming out this spring.  Spring also brings nicer weather, which mean fitness and getting your family in better shape since you can finally go outside again.  If your doctor says it’s okay for everyone to get exercise, here is something fun for the family with a reward for everyone that completes it. 

The first thing to do is set a goal for each family member.  One person may have to lose 5lbs, another has to be able to run a 5K, and another may need to be able to do 20 pull-ups.  Now look through the movies and see what is coming out or is already in theaters.  You have the Lego movie, Captain America and The Flash, along with others.  Each week do a family group exercise that will challenge everyone to help achieve their goals, and add a superhero theme to it.  You can all go to a track at a high school and set up an obstacle course like run the track then do x pull ups, etc. With the nicer weather, there will be many ways to be creative with outdoor exercise!

If everyone completes the challenge, then as a family you can go see one of the super hero movies.  If everyone can hit their goals by the time spring is over, you can surprise them with another reward (besides being in better physical condition)— a trip to Universal Studios/Disney World or a theme park, where they can celebrate like a superhero by feeling like they are flying on a rollercoaster, leaping the tallest buildings on a trampoline ride, or anything else.  The movies are a great gift to help get your family in shape, and a trip to a theme park can give you tons of opportunities to take photos and create memories that your family will cherish. 

Creating fun fitness awards and getting healthy or buying something like matching family pajamas can not only create fun bonding moments with your family but can also create traditions and memories everyone will love.  Think about something that you can surprise your family with or that they already love and how you can tie it into something that will be useful, healthy, and that can bring your family closer together.  Vacations, matching outfits and fitness are just a couple of the great options out there. 

Thank you, Mary for this excellent guest post! Mary is a blogger who loves to write about everything from theater to planning fun activities and trips with family and friends. 

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