Safe SportsFive Uniform Adjustments that Can Make Sports Safer

Sports offer fun entertainment for all, but can present dangerous situations. There is no way to prevent injuries in sports, but athletes can decrease their risk by adjusting their uniforms for more protection. Consider these five ways to make uniforms safer for sports.

1. Proper Mouth Guard Fitting

According to dentists in Ancaster, Ontario’s York & Bay Dental Office,“15 million dental injuries and 5 million cases of traumatically avulsed teeth occur in North America every year. It’s believed that sports account for approximately 39% of those dental injuries.” Amouth guard must fit properly for two reasons. The most important of which is to prevent head injuries such as concussions. Many people are unaware of the fact that mouth guards keep your jaw intact during collisions, and loose jaws are what lead to concussions most of the time. The second, more obvious reason is that a proper mouth guard will also prevent the loss of teeth from high impacts.

2. Proper Footwear

There are people that get paid a lot of money to make sure athletes are wearing the proper footwear for their sports. Foot and ankle injuries are already common, and failure to wear the correct footwear will only increase your chances of suffering injuries. You can ask professionals about their opinions on proper footwear for each sport.

3. Proper Helmets

If you play a sport that requires a helmet, it must fit properly at all costs. Helmets can’t properly protect your head if they don’t fit the way they are supposed to. These are common in sports such as football and baseball where high impacts to the head can cause brain damage. If you’re not sure how to check if a helmet fits the right way, ask a trainer or equipment manager at a local sports complex or school.

4. Shin Guards

Many sports require the use of shin guards. Soccer, baseball, football, and other sports often put players at risk for injuries to the shin area, and these injuries can put a player on the shelf for a while. If the shin guards are too loose, they may allow your shins to be exposed to a lot of harm. Tighten them up so that they fit snugly.

5.  Athletic Cups

This is particularly important for the men. A cup will keep the athlete safe from traumatic injuries. There are enough different sizes that you should be able to find one that fits. Make sure to try several sizes and brands to find the best protection.

Wearing the proper gear and making it fit are two ways to guard injury in sports. You should always take advantage of sales on equipment. If you’re a serious athlete, keeping backups and extras will also go a long way toward ensuring your safety.


***Thank you, Kara Masterson, for this guest post!