Shopping with Kids

Clothing, like everything else, is expensive and continues to go up in price each year. It can be difficult dressing a family on a budget and still keep with the latest styles. Here are five steps to try and obtain that goal.

1         Sew What You Can

As much as sewing is becoming a dying art, it’s still a great way to save some money and keep your family in fashionable clothing. It seems children want name brand clothes at younger and younger ages. While you can’t sew name brand clothes, there are many other items you can sew, thus saving money to buy them their occasional name brands. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make pajamas, t-shirts, blouses, sweats, skirts, etc.

2         Hit the Yard and Garage Sales

Weekend garage sales are becoming more popular every year.  Garage sales are a great place to find almost new clothes at a fraction of the cost you’d pay if new. Scout newspaper and online ads each week for garage sale options, or just drive around. Wash what you buy and it will be like new!

3         Mix and Match

Remember that sweater your thought was out of style? It just might look great with that skirt you seldom wear anymore. Add a belt to it and toss on a stylish necklace and you’re off to work looking chic and stylish. Just because you bought one complete outfit doesn’t mean the individual pieces won’t go well with other things in your closet. If you have more than one child, your children are probably using hand-me-downs. Mixing and matching their clothes can give them new varieties to wear.

4         End of Season Clearances

Buying your children (or yourself) new clothes doesn’t have to be restricted to special occasions. Stores have fantastic buys at the end of the seasons or right after Christmas. You may not be thinking of a winter jacket or snow pants in March, but it’s the perfect time to buy them because you’re most likely going to get a great price. However, be sure to adjust for growing. You won’t believe the money you’ll save!

5         Online Shopping

With so many online shopping sites, you could shop for your family without ever leaving your home. These sites often offer sales that you couldn’t find in stores. For example, if  you’re looking for something to wear this weekend, there’s a sale on at  Many of these sites also offer free shipping, especially when buying in bulk. Check out online offers to find the best deal.

Keeping your family in style on a budget is not impossible. It just takes a little bit of planning and strategy to find the perfect item for each family member.  

Thank you, Kara, for this great guest post! 

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing about real estate and spending time with her dog, Max.