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Just as I promised yesterday, here is my post about Breaking Out of a Broken System, the book that you can buy to help yourself and safe a life! And, just like yesterday, I am writing with tears in my eyes. 


Breaking Out of a Broken System #1Book1Life

This is the mecca of all self help books. If you want a road-map for success but you don’t want to fall asleep along the way- this is the book for you.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you will learn. You’ll also love the interactive electronic version. Click to tweet, or click to listen to whatever music was inspiring Seth along his writing journey. Which, by the way, was done in a comprehensive week with Seth and Chandler getting together during a Christmas break. 

Seth defines himself as a musician. Chandler, an entrepreneur. What they don’t say out loud is that they are down right good guys with big hearts and the perfect example of philanthropy at it’s finest. Read 

100% of the profits go to Palmetto Medical Initiative to help them buy pills that save people from dying of malaria. 1.2 million people die each year because villages run out of the pills. This is an easy problem we can fix! 1 pill costs $4.

The profit of each book sold is $4; every book sold buys 1 pill that can save someone’s life! This is a radical idea and a unique opportunity to broadcast something positive and spread goodness in the world!

Self help books are so often written with the purpose of helping the author’s self make ends meet. Seth and Chandler Bolt wrote their book with the intention of donating every cent of profit. This seems to be just the kind of guys they are.

1book1life mission

The life lessons they share in their book came from their parents and their experiences and Seth and Chandler certainly are perfect examples of role models! Certainly they depict the wisdom of their book in their everyday lives. 

Seth and Chandler set out to answer the question, How can people do more “I want to” and less “but I have to”? They say, 

We (Seth & Chandler) wrote this book to pass along the street smarts taught by our parents.

Our goal with this book is to inspire, inform, and empower people to accomplish their big dreams (spoken and unspoken) and avoid the systematic traps that derail most people from their true purpose. We believe in challenging the status quo. Each of us has a voice, a song, and a purpose.

While I was reading Breaking Out of a Broken System I was immediately inspired. I was given the opportunity to interview Seth and Chandler. And, I knew I needed to break out of my shell. Video! I’ve been wanting to do video for a while but was held back by my own confidence and inhibitions.

Before I was halfway through the book I knew that I needed to take the leap and make it happen. And, to do that- why not interview my inspiration directly? And, that’s exactly what I did! Watch below! 

ButeauFull Chaos Meets the Bolt Brothers

#1Book1Life The Cause, Mission and Fight Against Malaria

According to the Bolt Brothers’ Website, 

1.2 million people die from malaria each year because many villages receive only 3-4 months’ worth of medicine for an entire year. PMI is able to provide medicine to people in life-or-death situations thanks to donations made by generous people like you.

When we found out that one $4-pill could save a family of children from losing their father — and a mother from losing her child — our first thought was “how can we come up with 10,000 of those pills?!”

That became our mission and it forced us to come up with a creative way to raise money for charity using art, entrepreneurship, and social media to save our brothers and sisters from dying of a curable disease. For each book we sell, $4 is donated to PMI. Thank you for making a difference!


About the Palmetto Medical Initiative

The following video highlights the importance of the Bolt brothers’ mission. (And it features music from Seth’s band NEEDTOBREATHE)

About the Bolt Brothers

I can personally attest to their kindness and compassion. Seth and Chandler were a pleasure to chat with and so inspiring! Plus, they’ve got a great sense of humor! 

You can read their full bios on their website HERE. You should also check out Seth’s band and download a copy of Chandler’s other book out this year, The Productive Person: A how-to guide book filled with productivity hacks & daily schedules for entrepreneurs, students or anyone struggling with work-life balance.

Connecting With the Bolt Brothers

 Official #1Book1Life Release, March 2014

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 Disclosure: I was given a digital copy of Breaking Out of a Broken System to read in order to prepare for my interview with Seth and Chandler Bolt. All opinions are my own.