Decorating Your Space With Unique Flair

When it comes to decorating, everyone has their own personal preferences. You want your space to represent who you are, show off your tastes, and make you happy. Decorating your living space can be fun, particularly if you like looking for new and innovative ways to express yourself. If you’re on a budget, however, decorating can quickly become tiresome and expensive, especially if you’re a student in a dorm. But there are still a number of ways you can decorate creatively and remain under budget.

Making use of hook and loop fasteners is one such method. These fasteners are so versatile and inexpensive that the amount of applications is virtually limitless. If you’re unfamiliar with hook and loop fasteners, check out some home decorating ideas using them and you’ll see just how easy decorating your living space can be.

Keeping Things Where They Need to Be

When you’re living in a small space like an apartment or a dorm, organization can be tricky. Hook and loop fasteners don’t only allow you to be creative, they allow you to organize easily as well. For example, if you’re constantly losing the TV remote control, apply a strip of hook and loop fasteners to the back of the remote and the underside or side of the coffee table. This way, the remote will always be exactly where you want it.

You can also use hook and loop fasteners to organize your entire makeup collection, adhering your compacts and palettes to the wall or to the doors of your bathroom cabinet. This allows easy access to all of your makeup products while keeping the room free of clutter. You can use these fasteners to make a wall organizer for almost anything, ranging from outdoor tools in your garage to sewing supplies in the den.

In small spaces like an apartment or dorm, extension cords, power cords and other wires can become a jumbled mess and detract from the design of the room. Use hook and loop fasteners to bundle the cords and attach them securely under your computer desk or behind your entertainment center to hide them from view. You can also use hook and loop fasteners to coil cords that aren’t being used to store them neatly in a smaller space.

Deck the Walls

Dressing up the walls can make any living space feel more welcome, but building rules can prohibit you from using screws, nails, or other permanent hanging methods. Instead, use hook and loop fasteners attached to the back of pictures and postcards, framed artwork or anything else you wish to hang on the walls. Doing this will not only secure your decorations but minimize damage to the paint or wallpaper. This also allows you to quickly change items on the wall with ease, such as switching out your regular wall decorations for seasonal ones. You can accomplish this in a short amount of time and with minimal fuss provided all decorations have hook and loop fasteners attached.

Dress Your Windows

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to make your own unique curtains, but can’t because you are not a skilled seamstress. With hook and loop fasteners, however, you can easily make your own roman blinds or valances. You can pick out fabric that complements the room and with some very simple sewing and the addition of hook and loop fasteners, you will have a custom-made window treatment. You can also make more than one set for an easy and inexpensive way to switch out curtains for different seasons or holidays.

Add Some Light

College students often deck out their dorm rooms with strings of multi-colored or white lights, and not just for the holidays. However, it can be difficult to put them up securely. Use hook and loop fasteners to string them from every corner of the room or to frame the doors of your room, closet, or bathroom.

Add Some Color to Your Floor

If you’d like to include colorful rugs or mats in your apartment or dorm but don’t like the way they slide around on hard surfaces, you can remedy that with hook and loop fasteners. Apply the fasteners to the floor exactly where you want it to lie and you’ve got a rug that won’t budge.

Dress Your Bed

Many people store items under their beds, but it can create an unkempt appearance. Bed skirts will solve that problem, but they are often difficult to keep in place. Instead, apply hook and loop fasteners to the bed skirt. This way you can easily remove your bed skirt for cleaning or swap it out with a different design, making it cost effective and far more convenient.

About the Author:

Stephen Ira worked as an inventor for a small manufacturing company where he developed several patents that included Velcro® brand products which led to his founding of Hook and Loop in 1989, distributing Velcro® brand fasteners across the country. Stephen’s company has grown into a business that specializes in manufacturing hook and loop products that are used in the final products in many industries around the world. Stephen is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a BS degree in mechanical engineering and specialized in machine design and solar engineering. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he enjoys an avid outdoor lifestyle and spending time with his two daughters.


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