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Reading Glasses That Fit On Your SmartPhone

Have you noticed labels and menus are getting harder to read these days? I swear they’re using smaller print just to make me crazy! Well, at least that’s what I thought, but my eye doctor said I just need to get glasses for reading. It happens to most of us. As we age we lose elasticity in our eyes and we need a little help to read things up close.

Reading glasses (AKA Readers) are available everywhere to help. The problem is; if you only need glasses to read you tend not to have them when you need them. 

What do you always have with you? Your smart phone. So it makes sense to create a pair of glasses you can carry with your phone right? The folks at ThinOptics thought so too so they put a ton of design expertise into a solution that makes it easy to always have your readers with you.

ThinReaders are super-light and flexible glasses that fit into a tiny pocket on the back of a smartphone case. They have no ear-pieces and are as thin as 2 credit cards so they  take up no space at all and they are right there on your phone for when you need them.
Smart huh?

Pop the glasses out of your case to read that menu or the labels at the store in a second. When you’re done, simply slip them back in the case and you’re good to go. Watch…

If you or someone you love can never find their readers, or just plain refuses to accept they need a little help reading the fine print, it’s time to check out ThinReaders.

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I really like these! I ordered the iPhone 5 case and it fits perfectly. Not only are the readers great, but the case is perfect for my phone! If there’s anything I know, it’s that no matter where I am and what I’m doing, I have my phone in my pocket, or in my purse. The glasses are a nice, easy fit. They are comfortable to wear and stay in place well. 

If you need reading glasses and you’re like me (forgetful), you’ll definitely want to check these out! You pick the phone case you need- they have Andriod and iPhone (4, 4s, 5,5s) and the corrective ranges is +1.25 to +2.25. The best part? They’re only $38 for the case AND the readers. Pretty great deal!! 

Plus, ThinOptics offers a “Perfect Fit Guarantee” so if you take my word for it and hate them you can get all of your money back! They ship ultra quickly, too. 

Oh, and if you’re getting a parent or grandparent a cell phone you might want to get them this case! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my dad pop out his readers just to see what the heck was on the screen of his cell phone. And, he just happens to have a birthday coming right up. Hmmmmm…