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Personalized Valentine’s Day Card 

Ever wonder why your man won’t shed a tear? You find yourself sniffling over a rom-com, weeping at TV commercials, or sobbing at your BFF’s wedding. You ask yourself, what’s wrong with me?  Well ladies, the real question we should be asking is—what’s wrong with him?!

Fear not—Card Store has surveyed men across America in a national Harris Interactive Survey and constructed a helpful infographic chock-full of stats that answers this age-old question.

Deep down, every woman wants the ultimate reaction when giving her man a Valentine’s Day card- for him to cry. This year, men everywhere need to know it’s Okay To Cry. So, Cardstore is challenging women across America to take a walk down memory lane and create the perfect Valentine’s Day card for the love of their life.

They’re urging women to customize this year’s card with that photo that celebrates their relationship, those lyrics from “their” song that’ll really tug at his heart strings, or a snippet from a meaningful quote that conjures up old memories, reminding him of why he’s so in love with her. Those man-tears will start flowing. 

Cardstore is offering $2.49 Valentine’s Day Cards! Use Code: CCA4312 at checkout, Valid through Friday 2/7/14. 

Start making your personalized Valentine’s Day card at Cardstore and let him weep!

#OkayToCry Infographic

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  1. I’m not big on Valentines Day whatsoever, but I do love me some They are my go-to store for cards! This year I may start sending out Valentines cards though. I hear it is all the rage these days.

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