easy italian cheese stuffed chicken parmesan meatballs

Stuffed Chicken Parmesan Meatballs

I was “pinspired” by Six Sister’s Stuff Chicken Parmesan Mini‘s the other day.  So much so that I immediately went to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients and make them myself. My daughter is always asking for me to make meatballs (I always just make a meat sauce) or chicken parmesan (I always cheat and use frozen chicken burger patties) so I was sure that this would be a big hit!

When I arrived at the grocery store I realized thatthey didn’t carry ground chicken. I thought about just getting some ground turkey. Then, I spotted Chicken Italian Sausage. Yes, please! Because I didn’t want all sausage, I also grabbed a package of Italian style ground turkey. I doubled the Six Sister’s recipe, replaced the chicken with the sausage and turkey, added fresh basil and chopped garlic to the chicken mixture and then pretty much copied the rest of Kristen at Six Sister’s recipe word for word.

You can get Kristen’s original recipe here.  (Ignore the rating- I gave it 5 stars and it dropped it down to 1?)

Chicken, red pepper onion, oregano, italian bread crumbs, mozarella sticks- this is setting up to be delicious, right?

I served these stuffed chicken parmesan meatballs over spaghetti with a simple sauce (diced tomatoes and spices added to a can of sauce and simmered). 

Everyone absolutely LOVED these!! So good! 

stuffed chicken parmesan meatballs


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