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A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization

Last week I introduced you to A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization. This week, I’ve had the chance to really dig into the book and wanted to share my review with you!

You might be a lot like me. Just coming out of the holiday season with new appliances, new kids’ toys, new stuff, a new tax year… Where do you put everything?! How do you find anything? For me, Space to Spare was the answer and perfectly timed! 

Debbie Lillard promises tips for a clutter-free kitchen, organized closet, tidy toy room and a stress-free schedule with her new book, “A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization.” And she delivers! As long as you carve out the little bit of time it takes to read her book and start implementing some of the advice you’ll see the benefits in no time with Space to Spare!!! 

My biggest organizational problem has always been paper. Bills, junk mail, kids’ school papers, notes that I write but never organize, magazines that pile up- unread, appliance manuals, menus, etc. And, almost all of it ends up in my office. It becomes difficult to concentrate when surrounded by clutter and chaos and you can only ignore it for so long before taking the time to go through the piles. 

Great Home Organization Tips

With this Mom’s Guide to Home Organization, I’ve been given some practical, relatively easy ideas to implement in almost no time at all. Thank the clutter-free stars! I love Lillard’s tip to “work from left to right.” 

work from left to right

Coming up next, my closet! I am pretty good about cycling through the kids’ clothing but a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my own closet. It’s packed FULL of clothes that don’t fit and that I never wear. I tell myself I need those jeans just in case. But, the reality is- most of them have been there completely untouched for over two years. Chapter 10 of Mom’s Guide to Home Organization might have been written for ME! 

The book is well organized and the design is pleasant. All in all, I’d say that this book is a homerun and exactly what I needed! 

Create a Happy, Clutter-Free Home!

Do you dream of having a clutter-free kitchen, organized closet, tidy toy room and stress-free schedule? All of this and more is within your reach when you follow the practical and effective organizing advice in this book. In this ultimate home organization guide Debbie Lillard, professional organizer and mother of three, helps you gain and maintain order in three key areas of your family life:

  • Your Time: Learn how to get more done in less time by streamlining everyday duties, creating morning, after-school and bedtime routines, and effectively managing extracurricular activities.
  • Your Belongings: Use Debbie’s simple but effective C.P.R. method (Categorize, Purge, and Rearrange) to organize, toys, clothes, children’s artwork, paperwork, photos, collections and more.
  • Your Home: Follow the step-by-step instructions for organizing every room in your home, plus find help for keeping your child’s schoolbag, desk, locker, and home study area organized.

Follow the book from start to finish for a complete home makeover, or dip in here or there for help with one problem area at a time. The tried-and-true advice will help you simplify your life so you can spend less time struggling to keep up and more time savoring everyday moments with your family.

What are your clutter hangups? 

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  1. I need to learn how to prioritize my time TO organize. Whenever I take time off from work to clean I end up never getting it done. Then when I try to clean when my kids are home, they jsut mess up when I clean up.

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