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Handmade Sustainable Home Decor

I’ve been a long time believer in the proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I’m always impressed when I see people take that approach. I feel like Macy’s has done this for Haiti only, rather than teaching them how to create handcrafted sustainable home decor, they encourage them to use the skills that they already have and earn an income. Through their “Trade Not Aid” initiative, Macy’s has given Haitains a means of employment in the wake of the devestation of the earthquake a couple of  years ago. 

While an incredible gift to the 8,000 Haitians that benefit from Heart of Haiti, we can all benefit from the beautiful handcrafted recycled and sustainable home decor items that we can buy for our homes and take pride in those items as we realize the awesome impact our purchase makes in Haiti. I’m so inspired by the beautiful pieces, and have already begun planning how I can integrate them into my own home decor! If we’re going to buy something, why not make it something that counts?! 

heart of haiti recycled steel home decor

Heart of Haiti

Heart of Haiti is a “Trade Not Aid” initiative launched by artist and social entrepreneur, Willa Shalit, The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and Macy’s. Heart of Haiti provides artists with an opportunity to make a living, feed their families and pay their children’s school fees.

The collection features more than 40 home decor items including papier mache, metalwork, jewelry and paintings all made almost entirely from recycled and sustainable items such as old cement bags, cardboard, oil drums and local gommier wood.

The initiative allows opportunities for the artists to work with US designers, helping strengthen international artisan relationships and make their products viable in the US market. Artisans receive have of the wholesale price for each item in this collection. This initiative offered the first sustainable work in Haiti since the earthquake. It has given artisans the dignity of work and economic self-determination.

To date the program has employed 780 artisans and provided financial benefits for an estimated 8,000 individuals in the country. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and despite the devastating earthquake people there are filled with hope and a desire to improve their lives through employment.

Find more info about the Heart of Haiti campaign and products at www.macys.com/haiti  Follow them on Twitter: @HeartofHaiti and find them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/heartofhaiti

A Look Into the Heart of Haiti

Be Inspired This Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Or one to suggest your significant other purchase for you? Why not explore what Heart of Haiti has to over. Do good, feel good, gift good!! Fill your heart and give a helping hand!! I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Heart of Haiti vase. 

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