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Enterprise Plus Your Points

Enterprise has launched its annual “Plus Your Points” promotion. From December 2, 2013 through March 31, 2014, Enterprise Plus members can enroll in the “Plus Your Points” promotion and earn double points on qualifying rentals with additional opportunities to earn bonus points redeemable for free rental days*.

That’s right, this means you can get a free car rental faster! The best part about the Enterprise Plus loyalty program is that there are no blackout dates and points do not expire as long as you have one rental during every two-year period. Hello winter road trip time!

*Select ways to earn points as part of the promotion include: 
-Purchase a qualifying rental (earn double points) 
-Add a GPS unit as part of a qualifying rental (earn 50 bonus points) 
-Share the qualifying “Plus Your Points” message on Twitter (earn 20 bonus points) 
-Refer a friend into the “Plus Your Points” promotion, who subsequently rents with Enterprise at least once during the promotion earning period (earn 300 bonus points)

The Perfect Winter Road Trip

We’ve always dreamed about driving from New Hampshire to Florida one of these winters. I have a great big gas hungry Dodge Durango. I love it but its purring V8 practically screams, “Feed me Seymour!” every time I step on the accelerator. 24 hours of driving about 1500 miles. 

I think if I really wanted to save some money while still taking the drive and making a few stops along the way I’d rent a car from Enterprise. I’d still be able to have a vehicle with plenty of room but with way better gas mileage and I’d save wear and tear on my trusty Durango. Plus, the “Plus Your Points” promotion would allow us to earn double points toward free rentals in the future!

Here are our top three must see places on the trip (aside from the obvious amusement parks, Disney, Sea World, etc.)


Washington, DC

Savannah, Georgia

Funny Enterprise Rental Story

We used Enterprise when we went to see my husband’s oldest son in Texas a few years back. It was seamless and the car was great but the funniest thing happened! Our flight back home was very early in the morning. When we went to return the rental car I was driving and following the signs at the airport.

My husband was sleepy, nervous about making our flight and staring at this spike strip. I knew that the spikes would go down and that was the way I was supposed to go but said nothing, pretending I hadn’t heard the panic in his voice. I slowed down a bit, creeping closer to the spikes, dragging it all out. “Honey, the spikes! STOP! STOP!!” I nodded, smiled and kept going. Once we were safely over the “spike strip” I simply turned to my husband and said, “Have some faith in me would ya!” Eventually he saw the humor in the whole thing.

Do you have a winter road trip planned? Where would you like to go? If you need a car rental consider Enterprise Rent-A-CarFollow us on Facebook, and learn more on the Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion website.

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***NOTE: All point activity is tracked through the “Plus Your Points” website. A participant must register for the “Plus Your Points” promotion in order to receive points. To register and obtain a full list of ways to earn points, visit: https://plusyourpoints.enterpr…

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