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Choose Energy, Save Money & Enter to Win Free Electricity!

It’s the season of savings and everyone is surfing the internet to find the hottest deals. I bet you never thought that you save big by shopping for your energy provider! But, now that you are hanging up Christmas lights, its getting dark earlier and you are needing to heat up the house- it’s the perfect time to start thinking about saving on your electric bill! Plus, savings here might losen up some of your holiday shopping money! 

Check it out! Just head over to, type in your zip code and find an energy solution that fits your budget from the best suppliers out there – you can save up to 25 percent just by switching your energy provider. Best of all, they’ll make the switch for you and it takes less than 10 minutes to find solutions that fit your needs!

Why Switch?

  • You’ll save money every month: Cut your bill by up to 25%. Think of what you’ll do with the savings!
  • It’s fast and easy: You can switch in a matter of minutes. Enter your ZIP code to get started and pick the best deal.
  • It’s perfectly safe: Our site uses the latest security measures to protect your information. You won’t be contacted by a salesperson unless you specifically request it and we will not sell your information.
  • It’s good for the environment: Want to make sure your next provider is green? We’ll show you what percentage of your power will be renewable with each provider’s offer.
  • You won’t be in the dark: There won’t be any lapse in your service, so you don’t have to worry about making the switch!

Get a Chance to Win 3 Months of Free Electricity (Up to a $350 Value)

Need even more incentive to get online and switch? Visit Choose Energy today, find a provider that fits your needs and you could win three months of free electricity from Choose Energy (up to $350 fulfilled via a Visa gift card). Head over to  Choose Energy to get started!

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About Choose Energy

Choose Energy is an easy-to-use online marketplace that empowers residents and businesses to comparison-shop for their ideal energy supplier. Some consumers are looking for renewable or green power, others great savings, or are a business owner looking to bring more money to the bottom line. Powered by an easy-to-use site, Choose Energy is a free online platform that provides a convenient and secure way for consumers to compare rates and plans for energy suppliers in their area – and make the switch all in one place.

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